Sunday, April 11, 2010

Wait, You Mean There Is Life After Wedding?

I had an odd realization today. I'm going to have a life after our wedding!

I know, I know, this should have been a big huge DUH, but it only just really occurred to me!

This week I made a reservation for us to go camping at one of our favorite places in the area, Big Basin Redwood State Park, for Labor Day weekend. Upon making the reservation, I put it on my calendar, and did a double take.

This was pretty much the first thing I'd put on my calendar in over a year that wasn't tagged "wedding" or "wedding completed" or "wedding to do"!

It hit me then. After our wedding, life will go back to normal. We will have weekends free to go hiking, to have bbqs with friends, or to just hang out and do nothing. I will be able to finish my last two classes at SF State to get my Project Management Certification, and figure out which path I want to take my career down. We might find a new hobby, or start cleaning our house regularly and cooking real food instead of just throwing frozen dinners in the oven. (Well, maybe not so much on that cleaning one.... ;) )

But life will go on. After all the paper scraps are thrown away, the lanterns and decor sold off, and thank you cards written, there will be time for so much more!

This makes me a little sad though. On one hand, I've absolutely loved immersing myself in wedding planning for the past 13 months. Looking at eye candy pictures, fine tuning my DIY skills, sharing and reading everything on Weddingbee, it's been amazingly rewarding and fun. I know I'm going to have some serious withdrawals when it's over. But on the other hand, it's exciting to look forward, to life after the wedding. I honestly hadn't given it much thought until just now realizing that it will even exist! Guess I've been a little single minded, huh?

Probably many of you have given life after the wedding more thought than I have though! But then, Mr. Cola and I have been dating over 7 years, and lived together as roommates years before that. So relationship-wise, not much will change for us, probably another reason why I've not thought about this much. But the amount of free time we'll have after the wedding, it boggles my mind!

Have you thought much about what your life with your new husband will be like after you get married? Or have you been like me, so focused on the wedding that that's all you've really thought about lately?

(And because a blog post without any pictures is no fun, I'll leave you with a picture of Mr. Cola and I the last time we camped at Big Basin State Park, and us visiting the nearby elephant seal colony.)

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