Sunday, April 4, 2010

After the Party, It's the After Party...And Then Another Party!

Last week I told you all about our plans for the Thursday night before the wedding, and how we're going to do dinner and a sunset cruise with our wedding party. And I've already discussed the rehearsal dinner on Friday night that we're having at a garden center, but I haven't talked much about our after party or Sunday luncheon, both of which will be pretty simple to set up for.

Our after party will be open to anyone who doesn't want the partying to end, and we're just relying on word of mouth to let people know about it. So probably it will mainly be our friends and Mr. Cola's cousins who are staying at the hotel. It will be taking place, (duh!) after our reception, back in our hotel suite. Or actually, back in our suite and my sister's adjoining suite. We've offered to pay for her and her boyfriend's room if they let us open up the adjoining door, so we'll have more room for the party. This will be especially useful, since I have a feeling the upstairs loft of our suite will be pretty trashed from getting ready that morning, so this will give us a nice, open area for the party in the downstairs areas.


Mr. Cola and I will be sneaking out of the reception a half hour before it ends, to give ourselves enough time to change our outfits and get ice for the party. We plan to already have all the booze and mixers set up, and will have pre-ordered pizza and wings for delivery, so there shouldn't be too much else we need to do. Except, that is, wait for everyone to arrive and break out the drinks!

The next morning, we'll close out our wedding weekend with a luncheon at my grandfather's house, which is only a couple miles up the hill from the hotel. He has a beautifully landscaped backyard, with a big lattice-covered patio, which is perfect for outdoor dining. And he even has pretty purple flowers in the summer that go with our wedding colors perfectly!

(photo taken by my mom)

Our decoration plans for the luncheon are easy: ivory linen-like disposable table cloths, brightly colored plates and napkins my mom got on sale at Hallmark for crazy-cheap (I think she said they were 90% off), and flower arrangements from the wedding. That's right, our wedding flowers will be doing double duty, which will be awesome after all the work we'll be putting into DIY'ing them all!

For food we'll keep it simple and do sandwich trays (probably from Quizno's because they have great prices and deliver too). And of course there will be mimosas and beer!

It will be a fun, relaxed way to end our wedding weekend, and say goodbye to all our guests. (Well, relaxing until the luncheon is over and we have to go unload and return the Uhaul and scramble to pack for our honeymoon, which we fly out for at 9am the following morning!)

Will you be having any "satellite parties," or other events surrounding your wedding? Are they going to be lavish affairs, or laid back get togethers?


  1. That sounds like fun! We might have some people up to our room after the reception ends. Other than that we are just having the rehearsal dinner.

  2. Both venues look perfect for the events planned! We are still figuring out hotel stuff, but I suspect I'll ask my cousin/MOH to reserve an adjoining suite as well for more space.