Thursday, April 15, 2010

Photos I Must Have!

This week I need to send my "must have" photo list to our photographers. I'm still working on it, but thought I'd share my list so far with all of you to see if I'm missing something!

While the family portraits are nice to have, after giving it some thought, I think I care most about pictures of Mr. Cola and I together (since after dating for over 7 years, we only have a handful of pictures that aren’t self shots with the top of our heads cut off). And I'm thinking of second most importance to me are pictures of all the DIY details I've worked so hard on.

So here is my list so far, with some inspiration pictures thrown in as examples:

Getting ready
- Bride getting ready, makeup and hair
{Source: the gorgeous Mrs. Lovebird}

- Bride's dress hanging up
{Source: Mrs. Gloss's beautiful dress}

- Bride's shoes (need LOTS of pics!)
- Bride's jewelry
- Bridesmaids getting ready
- Groomsmen getting ready
- Groom getting ready, tying tie, etc

{Source: Mrs. Champagne's recaps}

The First Look
- Groom waiting, back turned
- Bride sneaking up on him from behind
{Source: Mrs. Powder Puff's First Look}

- The first look shot from two angles, face reaction shots & full body shots
- Cute casual pictures (engagement picture style) around the area
- Posed pictures around the area

Before the Ceremony
- Pictures of Mom, Aunt, DOC, Groomsmen and Bridesmaids helping set up
- Pictures of the escort card table, gift/guestbook table, iced tea and lemonade table
- Pictures of the 3 types of center pieces & tables all set up
- Pictures of the cupcake tower
- Final touch ups to hair and makeup with Mom
{Source: Mrs. Martini with her mom}

- Pictures of the wedding party waiting for the ceremony to start

The Ceremony
- Decoration detail - arch, aisle flowers, programs
- Groom's parents walking down the aisle
- Mom walking down the aisle
- Wedding party walking down the aisle
- Groom's face when he sees the bride
- Bride walking by herself
- Bride walking with Dad{Source: Mrs. Peep Toe's walk down the aisle}

- Officiant reading the ceremony
- Bride and Groom reading our vows
- Exchanging rings
- Crowd reactions
- The kiss{Source: Mr. and Mrs. Mouse smootching it up!}

- Walking down the aisle married
{Source: Mr. and Mrs. Penguin celebrating down the aisle}

After the Ceremony
- Bride and Bridesmaids
- Bride and Bridesmaids shoes
- Groom and Groomsmen jumping in the air
{Source: Mrs. Avocado's recaps. I also think this picture of her below is really fun, from the same recap post}

- Bride and Groomsmen
- Groom and Bridesmaids
- Groom and Groomsmen
- Bride and Groom with whole wedding party
- Bride and Groom with Bride's parents & sister
- Bride and Groom with Groom's parents & brother and SIL
- Bride and Groom with both sets of parents and siblings
- Bride and Groom in front of bay view
- Bride and Groom in front of redwood trees
- Bride and Groom on anarondack chairs under trees
- Bride on swing with train of dress streaming behind{Source: Another wedding at our venue}

Cocktail hour
- Candid shots of people drinking
- Pictures of the escort card table
- Pictures of the cheese table and appetizers{Source: Photo from my venue website}

- Bride and Groom Thanking Guests
- The Buffet (pictures of the set up, the food, the signs, people getting food)
- The MOH and BM giving speeches
- Pics of the head table
- Pics of the bride's parent's table
- Pics of the grooms' parents table
- Pictures of people enjoying food and conversation
- Pictures of the choose your favor table (once it's set up){Source: Mrs. Sprinkle's favor table}

- Pictures of the first dance
- Pictures of the bouquet and garder toss
- Pictures of the cupcake cutting
- Pictures of people dancing, drinking and having fun
- Pictures of people enjoying the fauxtobooth
- Pictures of the bathroom baskets & signs
- Pictures of the rings, by themselves and on our hands, with us holding hands
- Pictures of our rings gently placed on top of a cupcake
{Source: Mrs. Espresso's wedding details}

So, that's my list so far!

Tell me, hive, what awesome pictures am I missing? Do you have any "must have" photos that you want to share? I'd love to see more inspiration!


  1. Great list! I’ll be submitting mine soon, and one special photo I want is a shot of my face, with my bridesmaids holding their bouquets all around it. I’ve seen our photographer do it before, and it just makes for such a beautiful picture!

  2. Thanks for posting this! I am totally stealing some major portions of this list (basically everything except for the cupcakes, because I'm not sure if we'll be having them)! And that cheese just looks so so SO good!