Monday, April 19, 2010

Hey Post Office, What's With The Ugly Stamp?

It's started! The excitement of coming home from work every day to find little purple RSVP envelopes in our mailbox is so awesome. I had no idea how much I'd look forward to getting our responses back!

But then I realized that there is an annoying stamp on all of our RSVPs....which probably means it was also put on all our wedding invitations. Can't see what I'm talking about? Here's a closer look:

"2010 Census Mail It Back"

Can I just say, ewwww! Why'd you have to go and ugly-up all my pretty invitations, Post Office?

Has anyone else noticed this? Doesn't the Post Office know there's a whole world of brides out there who spend months putting together invitations, and don't want them to become an advertisement for the census? Humph!

But on the positive side, I'm loving the nice comments on the cards inside the envelopes, and the fun of seeing who will be coming to our wedding. This is my favorite RSVP so far, from Mr. Cola's parents:

(They signed it perfectly for Weddingbee!)

Who else is excited about getting RSVPs back? And does the census stamp annoy anyone else?


  1. Ugh, that is so not cool! I've decided that the USPS lives to torment us brides. Sorry to any USPS employees out there, but really? Why did I have to pay 64 cents to mail each of my STDs just because my ribbon made a tiny bump in the envelope? I email letters with bumps in them all the time. But I wasn't going to take a chance with my STDs.

    Harrumpf!!! Glad your RSVPs are coming back! So exciting :)

  2. Oh no, that's annoying! They couldn't use a normal stamp for you, could they? Well, at least the inside is pretty :)

  3. It was very exciting getting the first 2 weeks worth of RSVPs! It got stressful towards the end though when I wasn't getting close to having all of them back.

    I lucked out and only had the Census stamp on the last few RSVPs.