Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"Here's Your Room Key and Your Box of Treats!"

Yep, like so many bees before me, we're doing out of town boxes, to be handed out when our guests check into the hotel. Our hotel only charges if we want the boxes put in the rooms, so we're perfectly fine with them being handed out at the front desk for free!

I found some inexpensive 9" x 9" x 6" kraft gable boxes from U.S. Box, but unfortunately they only came in 50 packs, so I have some left over. I'm estimating we'll need to give out about 24 OOT boxes (one per room), and so I made 5 extra, just in case.

And how will I decorate the boxes, you ask? With layered ribbon and paper, of course!

I didn't do that much to decorate these, because, who am I kidding, nobody is going to save the boxes! So I just cut and ironed two layers of ribbon, and hot glued them around the boxes.

Then I made quick signs for the boxes, and glued them on, along with some punched flower embellishments.

Quick, cute, done.

Well, almost done! I still have to make a packet of information for everyone, which will include the schedule of events, maps, things to do in the area, and contact info for the wedding party. But I can't make the packet until we nail down our rehearsal time, which we can't do until one month prior to our wedding. As much as I'd like to have this done in advance, it's going to have to be a somewhat last minute project.

And a month before the wedding we'll also have to stuff these boxes with some snacks, which we're planning to raid Costco for. I'm thinking each box will get 2 water bottles, some chips, beef jerky, gum, travel size Advil, and whatever else strikes our fancy on our Costco run.

Will you be doing OOT boxes for your guests? What ideas to you have for snacks to go in the boxes?


  1. Yours look great! We’re hoping to make welcome boxes, though it might be rough, since it seems like a lot of guests have booked their own hotels all over town. So, we may try giving a few things out at the rehearsal dinner instead.

  2. I was originally going to do OOT boxes but then half of our OOT'ers said they were staying with friends/family and not in hotels and no one could seem to give us specifics on where they'd be. So I scrapped the idea. I had already bought 50 black gloss gable boxes like yours so I decided to use them to wrap the bridal party gifts instead. I used them as a 'day of wedding kit' instead of OOT boxes. So we put the following in them:

    1) Bandaids in pink tins that read "Hugs & Kisses from the new Mr. & Mrs."
    2) Two water bottles with personalized water bottle labels I made.
    3) A roll of breath mints with our names and date on them that read "Mint to be"
    4) A deck of cards that have a sticker on them that says "Two of a Kind" (Our family are huge card players)
    5) Whatever gift we gave to each party member (the bridesmaids got silk jewelry rolls with custom necklaces for the wedding day, guys got gift certificates to sporting goods stores)

    Can't wait to hand them out at our rehearsal!