Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wedding Inspiration Is Everywhere!

Ever since I got engaged, it seems everywhere I look I see inspiration for wedding decor, color schemes, and outfits. Especially on TV and in movies, I've really been noticing it lately. And it doesn't even have to be relevant to my wedding, I just see something awesome and think, "Wow, that would be super cute in someone's wedding!"

Take last night for example, I was watching Glee on Fox, and the girls on the show did a great performance, competing against the boys to see who got to pick the song for their upcoming competition. But was I thinking about the plot? No, I was drooling over the cute yellow dresses they were wearing! Wouldn't these be adorable bridesmaid dresses if yellow was one of your colors?


Lately I've also noticed the pretty background pattern on the set of the new Jay Leno Show. Wouldn't this blue and black design make neat hanging lanterns? Or maybe the pattern could be incorporated with a monogram for a rubber stamp? Lots of possibilities here!


I also couldn't help but notice the amazing tent used at the wedding in The Hangover, which I finally watched last weekend. I love that it has a square, more modern design than most of the tents I've seen, which all seem to have more of a circus top. If we were to have a tent, this is the one I'd want.

{Source - Screen shot from YouTube}

The dresses were gorgeous in the movie too, and I love the lanterns hanging from the tree behind them!


Even the cake from the movie was beautiful!


For a funny, but pretty silly movie about a guy's bachelor party, there's a lot of wedding inspiration there. That just goes to show you, inspiration is everywhere, so be on the lookout!

Have random things you've seen recently struck you as potential wedding inspiration?


  1. I LOVED the Glee dresses! They coordinated so well and each of the girls looked great!