Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sugar, Oh Honey Honey!

I just found out that Cupcake Wedding passed along an award to me, the Sugar Doll Blogger Award (thanks Cupcake!)! If you aren't already reading her blog, be sure to check it out at the link above.

I'm so excited to have won my second blog award! At least all my hard work to document every. single. project. is being read by someone!

And now, I have to write 10 interesting facts about myself and pass along the award. I'm not sure if they're that interesting, but here goes (and I'm guessing that these should be different facts than what I listed for my Kreativ Blogger Award):

1) I love to cook (especially making fun appetizers), but I rarely do much unless we're having a party or going to a party. It's way too much work to cook a huge involved meal for just two people.

(my Mini Cranberry Cheese Cakes and Salmon Cucumber Cups from Christmas last year)

2) At all times I carry a camera on me. Whether it be my Cannon PowerShot in my purse or the camera on my G-Phone, I can't not have one with me. Pretty sunset driving home, snap. Cool grasshopper in my office parking lot, snap. Weddingbee local board happy hour meet up, snap. I'm obsessed!


3) I love music (and singing in my car when I'm alone!), but I boycott iTunes. I went to college at the height of the free (but illegal) music download era, and still to this day can't justify spending $1 on every single song. I instead use Napster, their $15 a month unlimited service is a way better deal, and so what if I have to sync my MP3 player every month!

4) Every single day I HAVE TO wear earrings. I just feel naked without them for some reason, even though I know probably nobody will notice. I even keep a couple extra pairs in my car in case I ever forget them.

5) You've probably already noticed this about me, but my planning is a little on the obsessive side. I especially love planning vacations, along with step by step picture itineraries. I usually make a binder with custom tabs for each vacation, and carry it with us, so we're never without our reservation confirmations, maps, translation guides, etc. I've also planned several trips for friends, although it's not quite as fun when I know I won't get to go!

6) I've been growing my hair out for our wedding for the past 4 years. We obviously haven't been engaged that long, but there you have it. And it's about 3/4 down my back with still a little more than 7 months to go.

7) I said it before, but I have to list it again. I'm a shoe-whore. I love them, and collect them, and it's one of the things that defines me, especially at my office. There are a couple people at my work who will literally come over to see what shoes I'm wearing each day. Luckily I have a rule that I won't wear the same pair more than once a month, so it's not too hard to keep my "shoe fans" guessing.


8) Ugh, do I have to keep going? I get really annoyed at blogs that have random lists and uninteresting posts, and this is beginning to sound like one of those posts. Oh, well, I guess that's a fact, I like the blogs I read to have thought out and worthwhile posts.

9) As much as I love planning, I'm also a procrastinator on some things. Take the 15 work e-mails I still need to respond to before I can go home for the night, but what am I doing, writing this blog post!

10) Tonight I will be watching some girlie show like So You Think You Can Dance or Glee (or what ever is on my DVR), and working on wedding crafts. This is what I do pretty much every night, with a glass of wine. Don't know what I'll do to fill my time after the wedding, but that will be a whole 'nother post at some point.

Alright, now to pass this award on, so I can finish my work and get outta here! In no particular order:

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  1. Thanks so much! Appreciate it and enjoy reading your blog!

  2. Thank you for the award! I am impressed with your mini cheesecakes and cucumber cups - looking at them makes me hungry :) Also, I am totally with you on the obsessive vacation planning - I always try to make detailed itineraries for our vacations as well.

  3. Thanks so much for my very first blog award! Yea! I also boycott Itunes (I use Limewire instead) and also am a planning freak like you - especially regarding vacations. I made a 3 ring binder filled with tabs and itineraries for our Yellowstone va-ca a few years ago. Fiance thought I was nuts until he realized how helpful it was on our road trip :)

  4. Thanks for the award! I love that you have to wear earrings and won't wear the same pair of shoes twice in one month - You are adorable!

  5. THANKS!! You're blog is so much fun to read!!

  6. A BIG THANKS to Miss Pug for awarding me the Sugar Doll award again! If you're not already reading her blog, you should be: http://misspug.blogspot.com/

  7. A big shout out to Cape Cod Bride for also giving me this award! Check her out: http://acapecodbride.blogspot.com/