Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Custom Bridesmaid Sweatshirts

So I won't be blogging on most of the bridesmaid gifts until after the wedding, since I want them to be a surprise, but since my sister already knows about these, I thought I'd share! I found these cute short sleeve hoodies from Old Navy for $12.99 each, so bought three in purple and one in white.

They have a cute distressed look, and are a soft microfiber material, plus they zip off, so will be perfect for getting ready without messing up hairdos in the morning of the wedding.

I then got embellishments with everyone's initial and a flower from TwinklinTransfers on ebay, for $5.49 each (and they do combined shipping for more than one item).


I just followed the easy instructions that came with the transfers. Put the sweatshirt under something hard (a dictionary), with something soft on top of that (a mouse pad), then peel off the back of the embellishment and stick it to the sweatshirt in the correct place.

Then put an old pillow case over it, and press an iron to it for about 45 seconds. I did about 3 sets of 45 seconds just to be safe.

Then remove the pillow case, gently remove the clear sticker, and the rhinestones are attached to the fabric. Turn it over and give it another 20 seconds with the iron on the inside.

And it's done. Super easy and quick!

Here's what they all look like.

I'm actually kinda jealous of the purple ones, I think the rhinestones look much cuter on the purple than they do on the white. But oh well, the white fits the day, and will look cute with my white skirt with eyelet lace trim. Hopefully the ladies will like having something comfy to get their hair and makeup done in (although of course they aren't obligated to wear them), and I think they'll be cute gym hoodies to use in the future. Plus, the other gifts I'm planning to get them will be really nice, and I'm sure they'll use them, even if they don't dig the sweatshirts.

Will you be customizing any of your bridesmaid gifts?

(all pictures except the first one in this post were taken by me)


  1. They look great! And so easy to do. Can't wait to see what else you come up with!

  2. Wow..these sweatshirts looks awesome. would love to gift one to my GF. Hope it is economical in cost. Don't want to spend much.

  3. Love those! I'm torn about blogging my BM gifts, since none of the girls no what they are! But maybe I'll post with a warning... LOL

  4. How could we not dig the hoddies!? They are awesome.

  5. Those look great! I would love to receive one of those as a BM gift.