Friday, October 2, 2009

Table Numbers - Opinions Please!

In my last post I showed you some mock ups of what our smaller centerpieces will look like. Well, next on the list is to figure out what to do for the table numbers. I've been struggling with these a lot. I'm really not a fan of the paper tent cards or paper on a stick look, they just seem so....blah (but no offense to you ladies with these, just my opinion for the feel of my wedding!).

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At first I was thinking I would get cheap 4 x 6 frames from Ikea, stain them, and put 4 together in a square, with a candle in the center. I was then going to print the numbers on vellum or parchment paper, making little luminaries. Something like this (yes, of course, another digital mock up!):

But my mom shot that idea down because they were going to be too big compared to the centerpieces she mocked up. And I agreed, I was just bummed to be back at square one. I then found these luminaries on etsy, which were also along the lines of what I was thinking of:


Or these DIY luminaries on a blog:


I pondered making something similar to these, but smaller, since the above ones are also too big, but now I've been reconsidering. With our ceremony starting at 5pm, and the cocktail hour at 5:20ish, dinner at 6:30 and sunset that night at 8:30pm, I'm not sure luminaries are the way to go. I have a feeling we won't be able to see them lit up until much later in the night, which kinda defeats the purpose, you know?

And then I have this picture that I found in the bible, er, I mean Martha Stewart Weddings. The sweet simplicity of a painted wood number:


I love how this number doesn't detract from the centerpiece, and isn't paper, but I wonder, will something like this be too small, or too hard to see? I think if I did go this route I'd do it in stained wood, to tie in the other wood elements that will be on the table.

Does anyone have any better ideas for me? I would love to see your inspiration photos!

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  1. I've been thinking about your dilemma for a few days now. What if you just square down the frames--perhaps 2 X 3? You can find inexpensive silver frames online--I just googled it and found some for less than a dollar a piece...