Tuesday, October 20, 2009

One Of The Easiest Wedding Purchases: Mr. Cola's After Party Outfit

Wanna guess what the easiest purchase has been this entire wedding planning process? Mr. Cola's outfit for our after party! Seriously, nothing could have been easier. I, of course, will be wearing something much cuter, along the lines of a white sundress (which I'll share with you once I find The One). But for him, it was easy, fo-sheezy (uh, yeah, his words, not mine).

So, wanna see?


Heehee! I love it! It's so him, since he's such a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy. And since he and the guys will be wearing grey tuxes, it's perfect. Even more perfect, it was only $7.99 on Amazon.com.

Did you have any super easy wedding purchases? And if you're having one, what is YOUR guy wearing to your after party?


  1. My fiance would wear that to the wedding if he had it his way :)

  2. What a great find! Your new hubby will be totally comfortable while still looking the part! :)

  3. I love it! It reminds of that part in Ricky Bobby where they're all sitting around the table and Cal is like, "I like to picture Jesus wearing a tuxedo t-shirt, because it says I'm formal, but I like to party." Sorry, couldn't resist!

  4. @ Stacy Marie, you are too funny! I didn't remember that scene until you mentioned it, but now that's all I'm going to think of when I see him in his tux t-shirt!