Friday, October 9, 2009

Corset Wrapped Bouquet Mock Up

As much as I would love to keep writing about random inspirations or my beautiful dress, it's time to move on with all my other little projects (at least until the dress comes in and I can discuss alterations!).

With all the talk between my mom and I lately about flowers, I thought I'd share this little 10 minute mock up with you.

She was having trouble understanding what I was looking for in the ribbon on my bouquet, and I couldn't find the picture I'd seen in a magazine somewhere. These images were pretty close:

{Source 1, Source 2, Source 3, Source 4, Source 5, Source 6}

But still, none of these were exactly right, so I decided to (gasp!) do a real life mock up instead of PhotoShopping one first.

I started with some green straws for the stems, and wrapped two white napkins around them for the fabric. I'm hoping to use extra fabric left over from shortening my dress, so it will match. I then took some purple ribbon, folded it in half, and used a small dot of glue at the halfway point to attach it to the top of the napkin. I then carefully wrapped it, criss crossing it all the way down, and used another dot of glue to secure the ends, cutting off the excess. I basically did the same thing for the chocolate ribbon, but alternating where I put the criss crosses.

Next I used some leftover pearl stickers down the front of the stems (I'm guessing pearl tipped floral pins will work better when we do the real thing). I think I want a loop of pearls around the bottom of the napkin/fabric too, but didn't want to waste any more pearl stickers for this proof of concept.
And as I write this and look at the pics again, I'm thinking I might want to alternate pearls and crystals, to better match the bling on my dress.

Here is a raw picture of the mock up:

And here is a picture of the mock up with the background removed and sample flowers (these aren't the flowers I necessarily want, just an example of around the size of the arrangement I'm going for).

Did you have trouble figuring out exactly how you wanted the ribbon on your bouquet wrapped?

(last two photos in this post were taken by me)


  1. That looks great! I sooo haven't thought about flowers yet, but you've inspired me to get started.

  2. Very pretty, it's such a great detail!