Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wedding Party Gifts, Part 2: For The Dudes

In my last post I showed you what we gifted the ladies, now it's time to see what our groomsmen got!

Mr. Cola did all the picking of these gifts himself, and decided to do two gifts for each of his groomsmen, but all the same gifts (two gifts, on top of the suits, shirts and ties we got them).

For their first gift, he got them all fancy lighters with their initials engraved on them in Old English Script (yes, they all happen to be smokers).
{Source: eLighters.com}

For the second part of their gift, he went to a magical store called Beverages and More (or just BevMo, for those in the know). In California we can buy liquor at grocery stores, Costco, mini marts, etc, but whenever friends come to town from states that have more strictly regulated liquor laws, it's always fun for them to go to this store. It's sort of like Toy's R Us for grownups that like to drink, with aisles and aisles of every type of beer, wine and liquor you can imagine!


Anyway, Mr. Cola went to BevMo and got all the guys bottles of really, really nice whiskey. Like, really old, and something about number of barrels.....


Honestly, I can't tell you what kind of whiskey it was, since I'm not a whiskey drinker myself, but I know it was really good stuff! We also got a bottle of it for our officiant, as a thank you gift. Don't worry, he's a good friend, not a priest or anything!

Did your fiance pick the groomsmen gifts himself, or did you give input?


  1. We're totally doing this for our guys too, btw! Thanks for the great idea. After reading your post I realized all our men smoke too - what a great gift idea (since they all already have flasks, too).

    How's newlywed life treating you?!

  2. I am leaving the groomsmen gifts up to my fiance, but so far he hasn't come up with anything :P The whiskey is a great idea! I love the Old English script on the lighters too.