Sunday, June 20, 2010

Wedding Party Gifts, Part 1: For The Ladies

Right now I'm still (hopefully) enjoying sunny Kauai on our honeymoon, but I didn't want you all to forget about me, so I've got another pre-written post for you!

And since I couldn't show these before our wedding, now is the perfect time to reveal the gifts we got for our wedding party. First up are the bridesmaid gifts.

I already showed you a long time ago the hoodies I customized with each of my bridesmaid's initials. Hopefully these made for some cute getting ready photos.
And you already know that we paid for their dresses, and their hair and makeup. But for the rest of their gifts, I wanted to do something different for each of them.

First, for my MOH/sister, I got her a Coach bag that I knew she'd been coveting for over a year. I scored it on eBay for about 1/3rd of the regular price.
{Photos from the eBay listing}

For my other two bridesmaids, I decided to get them each two smaller gifts.

For bridesmaid H, I knew she would love a pair of the same Nine West butterfly pumps that I bought for myself a few years ago. She was with me when I bought the shoes, and had commented last summer that she really wished she'd purchased a pair herself. So I set up eBay and Google Alerts for the same shoes, but in her size, and after about 6 months of searching, I found them! From an eBay seller in Ireland who sells display shoes from department stores!

I just adore the braided detail on the toes, and the bright butterfly pattern (and I know BM H does too)!

And as BM H's final gift, I got her this cute Coach wristlet from Macys (with gift receipt in case she wants a different color, or something else).

{Source from Macy's website}

For Bridesmaid A's first gift, I bought her these gorgeously simple Tiffany earrings. From the front they look like just drop earrings, but they're actually hoops that form a gentle heart shape. Very classic, but also fun!
The signature T&Co engraved logo (above the snap of the pouch).

And as BM A's last gift, I got her a classic black Coach wristlet, also from Macy's and also with a gift receipt.
{Source from Macy's website}

Hopefully all of my lovely ladies will love their gifts, but if not, I totally won't be insulted if they want to return/exchange/sell them! I just want them to feel appreciated!

Did you get your bridesmaids all the same gift, or something different for each of them?


  1. These are great gifts! I gave my girls matching jewelry to wear on the wedding day, and that I hope they can continue to wear afterward, too. I hope you’re enjoying a fabulous honeymoon! :)

  2. Great gifts; I love the big Coach bag!

    I got my girls clutch bags, earrings, a necklace & a hair comb to use on the wedding day.

  3. Those shoes are really cute! And I love the Coach bag you got for your sister! What lucky bridesmaids :)