Monday, June 14, 2010

Bringing Out My Inner Bombshell, Part 1

I know what you're thinking, "Cola, aren't you supposed to be on your honeymoon, what are you doing blogging?" Don't worry, I'm actually writing this post in late March, and scheduling it for after the wedding!

That's because my next two posts are going to be about my boudoir experience, and Mr. Cola won't be receiving the book of photos until we're on our honeymoon. But I wanted to write about it while it was fresh in my mind. :)

I'd never even heard of boudoir photography until I dived into the world of wedding planning blogs, but I knew right away that I wanted to do one. After all, how many times in your life do you have an excuse to feel like a Victoria's Secret model or a Maxim Magazine pin-up girl? So I'm going to share all the details of my experience with you, so you'll be as prepared as possible and have an awesome shoot of your own if you decided to gift your hubby sexy pictures of yourself.

I started out by researching as many boudoir photogs in the area as I could, but quickly learned that many want to either come to your home to do the shoot, or have you rent a hotel room. I just wasn't comfortable with either of those options, so narrowed my search to only photographers with a studio. And then I fell in love with the work of Adeline & Grace Intimates (warning, site content might not be appropriate to look at at work), so I promptly e-mailed Tiffany for pricing options.

I then had a call with Tiffany, where she walked me through what to expect during the shoot, we set a date, and I paid my deposit.

Fast forward four months later, I filled out a questionnaire for Tiffany about a month prior to my shoot, so she could get a better idea of what I was looking for. Questions included things like:

What type of shoot do you want to do? (I said somewhere between a Victoria's Secret Catalog and Maxim cover, no nudity)

Classify your style: (I said on one hand I wear pencil skirts, cardigans and 4 inch heels to work, on the other hand, I wear low cut tops and jeans to go out)

What is your hubby's favorite body part of yours, and what is your favorite part? (I said that Mr. C likes my chest, followed closely by my booty, and I like my hair best)

There were some other questions in there too that I can't remember, but all of it helped paint a picture for Tiffany of what I wanted to get out of the shoot. We then had another call to go over her ideas based on my questionnaire, where she suggested some outfit possibilities, and she reassured me that it was going to be a great experience. She was amazing to work with even before the shoot!

Next, it was time to assemble my outfits and props. I had to iron everything, even the panties, because I'm anal like that, and hang up everything so I could just put a garment bag over it for easy transport to Tiffany's studio.

Here's a look at some of the lingerie I took, followed by the long list of everything I brought with me. About half of the lingerie was stuff I already had, the other half was new, since I was badly in need of new, well fitting bras.

(Two new bra and panty sets from Nordstrom)

(Three lacy boy shorts from Target)

(Hot pink corset top from My Diva's Closet)

(Lacy open back top, already had)

(Love robot tank top and thong, from Cafe Press. Mr. Cola is an engineer, and loves robots, so how perfect was this? Not surprisingly, it took me quite a while to find robot lingerie!)

(Victoria's Secret t-shirt and boy shorts, Mr. Cola's favorite PJs of mine)

(White corset from Fredrick's of Hollywood, that I'd purchased for wedding dress shopping)

At Tiffany's suggestion, I also brought along some of my work attire, to maybe do some sexy business woman shots. This is the full list of what I brought, along with about 9 pairs of shoes. It was way too much, but I felt it was better to be over prepared than under prepared!

- yellow cardi, white stripe shirt, grey skirt or black ruffle skirt
- black cardi, grey tweed skirt
- Green v-neck tshirt, bra, green and blue panties
- white robot tank and thong
- veil, white corset top, white boy shorts
- red boy shorts, red corset top
- Mr. C’s white with blue stripes shirt
- Mr. C’s plain white shirt and tie
- new black bra and panty set
- new pink bra and panty set
- black bra teddy and black boy shorts
- pink corset and black boy shorts
- strands of pearls
- pinstripe vest
- low cut pink fuzzy sweater
- leather jacket
- knee high boots
- black pasmina
- sunglasses
- black beaded jewelry
- new pj shorts
- black silk robe
- new lipstick and make up for touch ups

In my next post I will share some tips on how to pose with a less-than-perfect body, and preparation tips, as well as some pictures from my session!

Are you planning to do a boudoir shoot?


  1. OMG, I love how many different outfits you selected. And you're a girl after my own heart with nine pairs of shoes! Man, I want to do a boudoir shoot SO BAD! It's just not really my fiance's thing, though no one says I can't do it for myself ;) Hmmmm . . .

  2. Hope you’re having a fabulous honeymoon! I didn’t do a shoot pre-wedding, but I think it might be fun to do as a first anniversary gift.

  3. It's funny...I would totally be up for something like this, but Mr Fix It always says he is not into the lingerie or pictures of myself thing. He says the real thing is always better so why waste money or time on clothing and photos that he would rather throw on the floor and dive into the real thing :) Oh!

  4. I enjoyed your post and linked it in a post about my own boudoir shoot: