Friday, March 5, 2010

Where's The Restroom?


This is one question I don't want our guests to have to ask at our wedding reception! But, of course, they really won't have to, the restrooms are located inside, past the bar and dancing area, but before you get to the fauxtobooth area. However, the existing signs on the doors are kind of blah, along the lines of these:


So, enter yet another opportunity for fun signs with our paper, as well as an opportunity to tie the bathrooms in with our color scheme! These new restroom signs will be attached to the current signs with removable double sided tape, for a nice, cohesive look with the rest of our venue decor.

They were very easy to do; I simply printed the designs on the cream card stock, trimmed them down, and rounded all the corners.

(the rest of the photos in this post were taken by me)

I was going to stop there, but then decided it needed a little something more, so I took layered ribbon and glued it under the top layer of paper.

An unnecessary project? Probably! But these were really quick and easy, and combined with the bathroom baskets, do a nice job of tying the restrooms in our venue together with all the other areas.

Have you done anything to decorate the restrooms at your venue?


  1. Great idea! This is one area we haven’t thought about yet, but maybe we should!

  2. Great idea! You think of everything :)

  3. You are hilarious. Any reason to make a sign, right? :) Love them!

  4. That is an excellent idea! I love it! Very creative :) Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, I wish you the very best! Thanks for sharing your wonderful blog! Your dress is gorgeous, by the way! Feel free to visit me back :)