Thursday, March 18, 2010

Suit-Able Menswear

(Sheesh, could Mr. C look any happier about his suit? I paid for all of them, after all!)

Yup, that's right, we're going with suits for Mr. Cola and the groomsmen! A more casual look goes perfectly with the feel of our wedding, and plus, the cost was about the same as a tux rental, and now the guys get to keep their suits.

Last weekend, we took a page from Miss Button's book, and headed to Kohl's to look for inexpensive suits for the guys. We were looking to spend around $150 to dress the dudes, since that's what we paid for the bridesmaid dresses, but Kohl's didn't have anything we liked in a heather or charcoal grey, although their prices were pretty great (buy 1 get 1 half off). So we headed over to Sears next, and found some nice suits for the right price, however they only had two out of the six sizes we needed (we were also going to buy my dad a suit, since he doesn't have one and my mom wants him to wear one). I was too nervous to buy some of the suits at one store and hope they had more at another, and the Sears stores are always such a mess, I knew it wouldn't do much good to have them call another location.

So on we went down the road to the next mall, to check out J.C. Penny's selection. They had a pretty big assortment to choose from, but most were in the $170+ range; there wasn't anything that was the right color and right price. But across the street at another Sears we found what we were looking for: charcoal suits in everyone's sizes, and on sale!

The jackets were on sale for $83.99 each, and the pants were $35.99.

Mr. C had had about enough shopping at that point, so we headed home, and the following evening I stopped by J.C. Penny to buy ivory shirts for $21.99 each.

I struck out with ties at Pennys, since they only had 4 or less of every color, with no stock hiding in a back room. So I headed to yet another Sears, and managed to find ties that went together, but were different. 2 of one style, 2 of another, 1 by itself (that I stole off a mannequin) and one in the sale bin that would work for my dad. From far away it's hard to even tell the difference between the ties, except my dad's in the bottom of this picture:

My dad's tie was on sale for $5.99 and the other ties were $16.80 each. So before tax, we spent $158.77 each to dress the guys in our wedding. Not bad, I have to say!

What are the dudes in your wedding going to wear?

(all photos in this post were taken by me)

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  1. Wow, that is a great deal for suits that the guys get to keep! I think we'll just go the tux route - I had so many issues finding ties for all the men, the thought of scouring the planet for suits makes me die a little :)