Monday, March 1, 2010

Weddingbee Made Me Do It!

The closer it gets to our wedding day, the less time I'm willing to spend researching options for the list of things I still need to get for the big day. So thank goodness for Weddingbee, where I can find my solutions right on my homepage (yes, Weddingbee is my browser homepage, both at home and at work!).

Recently, Miss Pencils posted about some beautiful pearl accessories, and low and behold, she found the perfect hair pins for me! Her post forced me--no, twisted my arm--basically held me at gun point to buy these hair pins, and cross one more thing off my never ending "to get" list! Could I have made something like this myself, like Miss Paisley did? Sure! But with the clock ticking down, I don't have time to add any more DIY projects to my list (ok, ok, I
did add one more this morning...but my mom is going to help and it will totally be worth it!).

Here are the beautiful pins, which will look much better than the cheapie ones I got for my trial from Claire's. I opted for the ivory pearls with violet crystals.

Thrown randomly in my hair:

(um, yes, our TV room really is this messy. It's like our wedding threw up and left messes all over our house. Yeah, that's right, it's the wedding's fault, not mine!)

The second recent purchase I made came courtesy of Mrs. French Bulldog and Mrs. Star. I NEEDED (or really wanted, whatever) a headband to wear for an upcoming photo shoot I'm doing and for the rehearsal dinner, so my first thought was to dig back into my bookmarked Weddingbee posts, and I found Frenchie's ornament inspiration post from before the holidays. I couldn't at first figure out why I'd tagged it under 'headbands,' but then realized it was because of the hair flower link to the Red Headed Actress Etsy shop, which features a ton of gorgeous headbands.

You might recognize this lovely lady modeling the headband I bought!

{Source of these two photos is from the Red Headed Actress shop}

Another super easy purchase, made with very little time spent looking at options, all because of the wonder of Weddingbee eye candy! And I'm sure as the countdown to our wedding gets closer, the more things I'll just turn to the hive for, instead of spending hours searching the web. You guys have the best taste anyway!

Have you seen something on Weddingbee or any other wedding blogs that you decided on the spot that you must purchase for your own wedding?


  1. I love the headband and the hairpins! I haven't bought anything after seeing it on Weddingbee, but I DID purchase some Luxe Deluxe jewlery after reading about it on your blog ;)

  2. Those are both so adorable! I can't wait to see it all put together! :)