Thursday, January 21, 2010

What Can You Get For Cheap During The After Holiday Sales?

Lots and lots of awesome photobooth props!

I really should have posted this back in early November, right after Halloween, but I just came across the box of props again last night. And I know there are a lot of newly engaged ladies out there who may have year long engagements, so keep this in mind: if you're having a photobooth and want props, hit up the party stores the day after Halloween for fantastic deals. I got a ton of props and everything was 50-90% off! (and I'm guessing you might have similar success in the after Valentine's Day and after St. Patrick's Day sales, especially if you're looking for props in pink, red or green)

And here is all of my loot, which I got for a whooping $36 on sale!

(beards, sparkly and feathered hats, clown wig, rainbow mohawk wig, 3 feather boas, feather mardis gras masks, glasses with noses attached, a tiara, king's crown)

(lots of leis, a coconut shell bikini top, clown noses, 4 mustaches*, and some pop up hats)

* The mustaches are the only thing not from the party stores, and not included in my $36 total. I got them from an Etsy seller for $5 each, since I didn't feel like spending the time to make them myself.

I hope our guests will take entertaining pictures like these with the props in our DIY photobooth.

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If you're having a photobooth, will you be gathering fun props for your guests to use? And do you have any other tips for the hive on where to find great deals?

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  1. I did the exact same thing! There was a huge halloween costume store by our house that we went to the week after Halloween and bought all of my photobooth props for a discunt! I spent about $50 or so dollars I think. I should get them all out and take a some sunglasses, a clown nose, few funny hats, an afro wig, and stuff like that. I was going to make some mustaches out of felt but after you mentioned yours I headed over to Etsy and just bought 6 of them for $27!!! Thanks so much for the idea...I was getting sick of trying to make them and they looked horrible :( I am not crafty like you at all. I love all the props you got...those pop up hats are so fun! I think my photobooth company also brings a box of props and I am hoping they have some feather boas in there! :)