Thursday, January 7, 2010


At the end of this month Mr. Cola and I will be going back to the same jeweler that he purchased my engagement ring from, to pick out our wedding bands! So naturally I've been browsing online for styles that might go with my three stone e-ring.

As a reminder, here is what my ring looks like....I'm not 100% sure what style of wedding band is going to go with it!

(These three above are personal photos. My ring is a Verragio ENG-0283 in platinum)

I'm reluctant to cover the side view of my ring, since that's what made me love it so much in the first place, but I'm not sure there's much of a way around it. I do know that Verragio will make custom wedding bands if the e-ring isn't part of a set, so I'm hoping maybe something already exists, but I'm having trouble envisioning what it would look like. How can I not cover the 'V' shape on the side? A band that follows the same curves seems like it might look odd worn by itself, and I definitely want to have that option.

So if something that matches exactly isn't an option, I've been looking at other alternatives online. Verragio's website doesn't have much in the way of stand alone bands, but my second favorite ring designer, Tacori, does. To me they have a similar look and feel, so I'm hoping I'll find similar designs from Verragio when I go visit the jewelry store.

The probably easiest and most budget-friendly option would be a pave only band, but with pave diamonds on the sides, so I would at least still have a pretty side view:

{Style #2520ET}

That would be nice, but.....I'm really more drawn to one's with a little more bling, like both of these (although with princess cut diamonds on the first one below)

{Style #2598B12X}

{Style #2629SQB}

Although I'm still not 100% sure how those two would look with my e-ring--I definitely don't want to overpower it!

And then there are a couple of other bands I really like for their uniqueness, however they really don't seem like they'd go with my e-ring at all. But I'll share anyway, 'cause I love looking at more bling!

{Style #2578B}

{Style #HT2378B}

Of course Mr. Cola and I haven't discussed our wedding band budget yet, so that will help narrow it down some, but check out the great band style we found for him, it's only $99.99 online! (could his budget savings = my budget gain ;) ???)

{BOMANI Tungsten Carbide Carbon Fiber Ring}

Mr. Cola definitely needs a tough Tungsten ring, since when he's not writing programming code, he's soldering, laser cutting and doing other hands-on projects in the workshop. And he likes that this one has carbon fiber on it, "cause it sounds cool." I like that it's not a plain band; it's a little unique and different, and not as flashy as some (Mr. C has never worn any jewelry before, so wearing a ring will take some getting used to).

I can't wait to go ring shopping in a few weeks, and I'll definitely let you all know how it goes!

Did your engagement ring come as a set, or did you have to search around for your wedding band? Got any suggestions for a band that will go with my e-ring?


  1. Ahh, mine was a struggle too. I actually posted about it for today - It'll post in like 10 minutes. :) Fortunately, when we talked to the custom jeweler we're working with, he said it'll be much easier than we were thinking which was a nice surprise!

  2. I opted to not get a wedding band. My e-ring will convert to my wed-ring on wedding day :) I figure if I want a band, then somewhere down the road on say a 5 or 10 year anniversary we can find something. Mr Fix It actually looked at a band very very similar to the one you found for your guy...I like it a lot! And your ring is gorgeous. I too would not want to cover up the side of it at all...hope something works out.

  3. My ring didn’t come with a matching band, so I found a wrap-style wedding ring that complements it well and doesn’t hide the side details. I really like the pave-only band you showed, since it wouldn’t hide the side details, and also wouldn’t overpower the engagement ring. It would also look nice when worn by itself.

  4. Ahhh! The last female ring you posted is my top choice right now! I haven't tried it on, but my e-ring is a Tacori setting and I want a Tacori band to go with it. We have tentatively set a budget of $2,000 for my ring, but you know me - I'll supplement the budget with my own funds if I fall in love with something that doesn't fall within it :)

  5. I can't see you with something simple! I like the 2nd and 3rd ones you posted best!


  6. I like the first one too. I think it will compliment your ring without taking away from it. I have a simple solitaire and will be getting an eternity band for the wedding ring