Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Miss Cola's Template for “Old School” Disposable Table Camera Sleeves

Since so, so many people asked me for the template to my “Old School” Disposable Table Camera Sleeves (original post here), I've decided to share!

Keep in mind that this will only fit the camera I used, if
you have different cameras, just follow along the tutorial from the link above to create your own template. I used Fujifilm QuickSnap 400 Speed Single Use Cameras with Flash, like these.

I've uploaded both sides of the template here in the DIY section of Weddingbee for you to download (Illustrator CS files). One file is the outside of the sleeve, where you will place your graphics, then delete the red outline of the sleeve and run it through your printer (make sure you don't reduce to fit printer margins when printing). The other file is the inside of the sleeve, just flip your paper over after printing your graphics on it, and print out the red outline of the sleeve on the backside. You can then use it as a guide to cut out the sleeve, and the red outline will not be visible from the outside. It will also help if you save your original camera sleeve that you'll take off your camera, so you can look at it and have a better feel of where to place your graphics, and how to cut and fold your custom sleeve.

Here is a preview of what the templates will look like when you download them:

Have fun designing your own custom table camera sleeves!

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  1. Thanks for sharing girl! I'm getting married in July and I have been thinking about providing disposable cameras