Thursday, January 28, 2010

Gettin' My Somethings On, Part 1: Old and Borrowed

I know that not everyone does the "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue" tradition these days, but I'm going to. For no other reason than....well, why not? :)

I'd already had something in mind for my something old, which happens to also be blue, but my mom came up with options that are so much better! And options that I can borrow, taking care of that something too, as well as things that will honor women in my family who are no longer with us.

First, I will borrow a small purse that belonged to my great, great aunt. She was one of my favorite people in the world, and more like a third grandmother to me, since I spent so much time at her house growing up. This is a picture my mom took of the purse, which is probably from the 1920s or 1930s, since my aunt was born in 1902.

It will need a bit of repair, since some of the beading is coming loose, and it also needs a strap added, as it currently only has a finger sized loop at the top. My mom also took pictures of it with two possible strap options.

Next, I will be borrowing a beautiful handkerchief that belonged to my grandma on my mom's side. It even is trimmed in blue, although I'm not considering it my something blue.

And finally, I have a third something old, but this one won't be borrowed from my mom, since it now belongs to me. When I was about 3 years old I gave my grandma on my dad's side a little pink bear. I have no idea where this little bear came from, but I remember having a couple of different colored ones when I was very young. My grandma kept this little pink bear in her purse with her until she passed away when I was in college. It needs a little cleaning up, after all, it lived in the bottom of a purse for 20 years, but I'm sure it will feel right at home being carried on my wedding day in my great great aunt's clutch, with my other grandmother's handkerchief.

I'm so excited about having these old, borrowed, meaningful and beautiful items with me on our wedding day. I'm lucky enough to still have both of my grandfathers around, and now, in a small way, it will be like my two grandmothers and aunt are there too, sharing in the big day.

Have you picked your "somethings" yet? And are you doing anything to honor passed loved ones on your wedding day?


  1. I love that your grandmother carried that bear around for 20 years! Your "somethings" are pretty great. I think I have everything now except for "borrowed." the problem with my family is that every time you compliment someone on a piece of jewelry, a clutch, or something similar, they give it to you! Makes it impossible to "borrow" anything ;)

  2. So special...thanks for sharing these. I love these type of things and am also doing the s/thing tradition. I will be posting about it next month. I did post about how we are honoring our passed loved ones on my blog a few weeks ago. I think it's important (and meaningful) to remember and honor our heritage and those who hold a special place in our hearts. Oh, and I love the lacy strap with the clutch the best.

  3. I love your somethings! That purse is so pretty! I still need to figure mine out but I love this idea!

  4. aww. this makes me wish i had done something like that for my wedding!