Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Woodside Wedding: We Eat!

Ok, no more dwelling on my bad PWC, time to get back to the recaps!

To let everyone know that cocktail hour was over, one of our groomsmen (who had volunteered to MC) announced that everyone should find their seats, and that salad was going to be served.

Mr. Cola and I finally had a chance to sit down at the head table with our wedding party, and rest our feet.

Once everyone was done with their salad, the waitstaff excused each table to head up to the buffet. There was no way we weren't going to eat on our wedding day, so we headed up to get our food first, followed by the rest of the guests.

While the other tables were waiting to be called to get their food, some guests were having a little too much fun with our napkin rings, table cameras, and LED luminary escort cards. :)
(Above 4 photos are guest photos)

And our photographers got a few shots of our families at their tables.

After everyone had had a chance to get food from the buffet, it was time for the toasts. Mr. Cola's best man/brother went first, and it was a funny and heartfelt toast.
(The smile on BIL Cola's face as he sits down in this picture cracks me up!)

Then it was my MOH/sister's turn. Her toast was equally as wonderful, but thankfully not quite as long! ;) This was one portion of the evening that I really wished we'd gotten professional video of, to help us remember the beautiful toasts. All I have is a warm fuzzy memory of what was actually said, but they were both beautiful!

After a couple more people said a few words, it was time for Mr. Cola and I to circulate. We tried to go to each table, so we would have the opportunity to speak to everyone at our wedding. Our DOC actually made a really good suggestion: visit with the people you see less often first. This was a great tip, because we only ended up having time to visit with all our family (except my cousins), and not with our friends until later in the evening.
(Mr. Cola showing off his new carbon fiber and tungsten ring)

After visiting with our family, dinner time was over. Which meant that it was time for our first dance as husband and wife, coming up next!

Are you planning on allocating time to try to speak to each of your wedding guests?

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(Unless otherwise noted, all photos in this post were taken by the very talented photographers of Shoot Me Now Photography)


  1. Great advice from your DOC! We did eventually make it to each table, but it took longer than we thought, even though we only had 75 guests. I LOVE all the pictures of the toasts!

  2. We went around and talked to all of our guests and surprisingly made it through almost everyone (260+ people!) except for our family who we knew we'd see the next day at our day after lunch/gift opening. Love the pictures of your details, and I SO wish we had video of our toasts too!