Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Woodside Wedding: Don't Just Stand There, Let's Get To It

Strike a pose, there's nothing to it!

Immediately after our ceremony, Mr. Cola and I met our wedding party in front of the redwood trees, to take some formal portraits, while our parents tried to gather family for family pictures. I know formals are pretty boring if you don't know the people, so I'll try to keep this short! But I do have a purpose in showing you these, in regards to some missing photo advice at the bottom of this post.

Our wedding party formals were pretty standard, we did ones of us with everyone, us with just the groomsmen, and us with just the bridesmaids.

Then I took some photos with just my bridesmaids.

The must-have shoe shot!

Mr. Cola took some photos of just him and his groomsmen too, these are some of the more fun ones.

And then I posed with my sister.

Then with my parents and sister.*

Mr. Cola took some with his brother.

And then with his parents.

Then with his parents and brother.*

And I jumped in too.

Finally, it was really important to my mom that we get a photo with her whole side of the family. Even though it took forever, to gather everyone for the photo, it turned out pretty nicely.

*You may notice some key people missing from a few pictures. Namely, Mr. Cola not in a picture with my family, nor my sister's long-time boyfriend, and SIL Cola was missing from the pictures with Mr. Cola's family. Why? I have no idea. Just slipped my mind on our wedding day, and I was way too impatient for the formal photos to be over to care.

Would they have been nice to have? Definitely! Does it bum me out not to have these pictures? Nah, not really anymore.

Brides, take note. You WILL miss some of your must have photos. Be it in formals, small details, or key people. Your photographers can't be everywhere, or know who everyone is, it's just not possible, or realistic. So try not to be too disappointed, as I've heard so many brides are, when you get your pro pictures back if you can't find a certain photo of something. Give it a few days and then go back and look at them again. I promise, you will fall in love with all the photos you DO have, and the missed shots will matter less and less with time. (Plus, there are always guest photos, or Photoshop!)

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- I interrupted our officiant, we exchanged rings, and with a kiss we were officially married!

(Unless otherwise noted, all photos in this post were taken by the very talented photographers of Shoot Me Now Photography)


  1. Your formals are awesome, and your advice about the missed photos is great for other brides. Our photographer really went above and beyond in following my shot list and getting the key photos, but even so, I was disappointed to not have a formal shot of me with just my mom's parents. However, since my grandmother has health issues, she couldn't be outside while we were taking these shots. Logistics definitely can get in the way.

  2. OMG your SHOES! I die. They are so great!
    Wonderful pics! You are a very photogenic bunch. :)