Monday, October 4, 2010

A Woodside Wedding: We Arrive!

After taking bride and groom pictures while our family and friends were setting up our venue, we headed up the mountain to the venue ourselves.

We started out sitting next to each other.

But it was seriously way too hot to cuddle next to his suit jacket for long, so I scooted over and we talked the whole way up; wondering if the venue would be ready, or how far behind the set up was, because the Uhaul with all the decor had gotten stuck in traffic on the way to the venue earlier.

We totally didn't follow the "bride and groom give their cell phones to someone else" rule on our wedding day! Hey, I'm the master contingency plan maker, if something was going to go wrong, I wanted to know about it first!
(We received like 60 photos of us in the limo...but they all pretty much looked like these, so I'll spare you all. You're welcome.)

Along the way to our venue, the limo driver took a wrong turn, making us a little more late, but after a half hour in the limo, we finally arrived. And yeah, getting out of a car in a wedding dress is NOT easy! Sitting and moving in my wedding dress was something I probably should have practiced ahead of time.

Our DOC met us at the limo, helped us unload my emergency bag, veil, and garters out of the trunk, and led us inside.

There we were greeted by our family and wedding party, and we showed off our wedding day attire to those who hadn't seen us yet.
(Photo by my mother)

I had a quick look around from the deck, and was so thrilled to see how beautifully set up everything was. I was so amazed to finally see all our hard work the past 15 months pay off--our wedding decor had come together so nicely! After that, I suggested to my sister that we go unbustle my dress for the ceremony, and we discovered that my train was super dirty, and everyone rushed to clean it.

While my mom, bridesmaids and I were off cleaning my dress, the guys hung out in the bar area, just inside the lodge.

By now it was about 15 minutes until our ceremony start time. The ceremony location across the meadow was ready and waiting, all the little details in place.

Guests started to arrive and our guitarist started playing background music.

During the set up time my dad had waited patiently in the shade in his wheelchair. And right before the ceremony was to begin, my mom helped him to his seat in the last row with his cane, where I would meet him and he would walk me down the aisle.

With about 5 minutes to spare, my dress was cleaned and dried, and it was time to go line up to walk down the aisle!

Coming up next, the ceremony begins!

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(Unless otherwise noted, all photos in this post were taken by the very talented photographers of Shoot Me Now Photography)


  1. Your photogs did a great job - I love the photo with the ribbon/bow detail in front of the petaled aisle - so pretty!

  2. I'm glad to know I wasn't the only one who had trouble getting in and out of a car in my gown! It's so nice that you two were able to ride together and enjoy the privacy. I loved riding with my future sisters-in-law, but part of me still wishes we'd sprung for a limo.

  3. Whew! I'm so glad everything was okay with your dress!
    Your venue was just so gorgeous and your photographers did a fantastic job. I love the arrival pics!

  4. Your ceremony space was so beautiful! I love the petals on the grass :)