Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Gettin' My Somethings On, Part 2: New and Blue

I think for most brides, the "something new" is probably the easiest to figure out. I have my light gold dress, jewelry, veil (which my mom will be making, and I'll share once it's done), shoes (although there is a dilemma with them that I will also share at some point), hair accessories...much of what I'll be wearing will be new, so check that "something" off the list!

For my something blue, I will be wearing a second garter, since I don't want to lose it in the garter toss (I DIY'd a different garter for the toss, which I'll share in my next post). I've had this blue garter since I was about 7 years old, and both my sister and I have worn it as a headband and for dressing up our stuffed animals and dolls, so I thought it would be fun to have it as my something blue. I still have no idea how I ended up with the garter in the first place, I know it came from a wedding I went to with my mom for one of her co-workers about 20 years ago, but how it came into my possession at this wedding...no clue!

Which of your "something old, new, borrowed or blue" was the easiest to pick?

See my something old and borrowed items in my previous post here.

(All pictures in this post are personal photos)


  1. Love your dress! For me, the something new was easy, since it’s my dress. And the garter company I used, Garters by Kristi, includes a small blue bow on the back of each garter, so that was easy, too!

  2. Your dress reslly does look so beautiful on you! I agree - "new" is totally taken care of - shoes, jewelry, dress, veil, etc. Still having trouble with the "borrowed" though . . .

  3. Your dress is gorgeous! I love that you've had a garter since you were 7!:)

  4. Your dress is stunning on you...very different and pretty! And you already know I love your jewelry...but how super fun to have a something blue from your childhood! Love it! My somthings were all pretty easy...they just kind of fell into my lap as the planning began...I didn't really have to 'search' for them. :)