Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Chronicles Of A Shoe-Obsessed Bride, Part 1

Lots of people collect something, are obsessed with something, or have something that is their "thing."

For me, it's shoes.

I have a shoe problem. It's undeniable. I obsess over, online stalk and collect shoes. It's even mentioned in my blog profile!

I've always enjoyed shoes, but my like turned into love after graduating from college and entering the world of pumps and peep toes to wear to work. There are so many more possibilities when you go from wearing flats to walk around campus to 3+ inch heels because you sit at a desk all day! Steadily, my collection has grown, and I now have quite a store of cute shoes (all purchased on sale and for low prices too, I'm proud to say! I love to shop around for sales, since about the most expensive range I'll pay is Steve Madden or Nine West prices, but prefer under $30.).

So, now that I've set the stage for my obsession, let's take a look, shall we? Here are a few of my favorite shoes from my closet. In my wedding planning, shoes have always been way more important to me than the dress; plain wedding pumps weren't going to cut it. I love high stilettos, unique prints, and fun details just too much!

Do you believe me yet that shoes are a MAJOR part of my life? So it's no surprise then that I started searching for my wedding shoes about 30 seconds after getting back from the vacation that we got engaged on.

But before I go into the long story about the wedding day shoes themselves, let's look at the other shoes I've purchased for the wedding events:

(purple and white heels for the Wedding Party Welcome Event)

(purple strappy heels for the Rehearsal Dinner)

(purple bow heels for the After Party, picture from Amazon, since they haven't arrived in the mail yet)

(white strappy heels for the Sunday Luncheon)

(awesome, but uncomfortable, purple jeweled heels for the bridal shower that I've decided I don't want to have)

So, now that my shoe obsession has been properly spelled out for you all, you will be better able to understand my insane, stalker-ish wedding shoe hunt, which I will save for tomorrow's post.

What wedding detail do you/did you obsess about the most?

(unless otherwise noted, all photos in this post were taken by yours truly)


  1. In the words of Carrie Bradshaw . . . "helloooo lover." I love shoes, too! You have some great ones. I can't wait to start stock-piling shoes for some of the other events we'll be having for our wedding.

  2. Holy... Cow.... SHOES! WOW I have so so so few as compared. You would love my friend Cher's shoe blog, (shoeaday.wordpress) she's just as obsessed!!! She might be giving up shoe buying for lent though... LOL! I really love all of these!


  3. WOW just doesn't cut it! I'm speechless! I will need to study these one by one!

  4. Hello! I just happened upon your blog while looking for purple wedding shoes. Can you please tell me where you got the purple strappy ones "purple strappy heels for the rehearsal dinner"? I love them! My email is Thank you!