Monday, February 8, 2010

If Only These Came In Purple, Instead Of Bacon!

I'm seriously dreading all the upcoming envelope licking that will be facing me soon, in preparation of sending out our invitations!

For our Save The Dates, we tried a glue stick for sealing our envelopes, but it only worked so-so, not perfect. We had to hold the flap down, rubbing it for a minute or two to get it to really stick--the glue sticks just took too long to dry. And I know they make little sponge tipped bottles that you can fill with water to use for sealing envelopes, but with thin paper for our envelope liners, I'm afraid it will just make everything too wet, and ruin the liners. So I've resigned myself to having to tongue-lick all our invitations envelopes.

But when reading my Hungry Girl e-mail tips today, I saw a genius invention! Mmmvelopes, which are bacon flavored envelopes! Seriously, how cool would that be to lick 85 bacony envelopes, instead of 85 gross sour gluey ones? Get your bacon fix, without the calories, and be productive with wedding projects at the same time!

If only they came in purple (or any solid color!), instead of this bacon print:


While for now these only come in the above design, I could totally get behind some pretty versions! I'm a little tempted to order some, just out of morbid curiosity to see what they really taste like (And do they smell like bacon too? I don't think that would be as cool as just the taste...). They're only $6.99 for a pack of 25, and while you're at it, you can order some Bacon Lip Balm and Bacon Popcorn from the same website.

If this were a *real* product (and by real, I mean, something that could actually be used for wedding stationary, without the bacon design on it), would you consider trying it? What other flavors of envelopes would you like to see available?

And who is with me in hating the taste of licking envelopes?


  1. Bacon-flavored envelopes? Weird. I think there are a lot of bacon-flavored ietms out there. Last week one of the assistants in the office had bacon-flavored gummy candy on display. I'm hoping that no one ate it!

  2. That is too freaking strange. I never realized bacon flavor was so popular. Though I agree it would be nice to have some type of flavored envelopes, but I have yet to come across anything that would interest me. We used a thing called 'Envelope Stik' to seal our envelopes. I don't know if it's similar to the glue stick you used but it worked wonderfully...something to consider?