Sunday, February 7, 2010

Have Your (Cup)Cake, Part 1: Yes, We're Gonna Eat 'Em Too!

We had our cupcake tasting, and it went well!

But before I go into the details, I want to first share some gorgeous cupcake designs with you all. I love looking at the many cake inspiration pictures, but these little pieces of lovely are so cute I want to die!

{Source of all of the above are from the very talented Icing Dreams in Toronto}

And just for the hive, have a look at these adorable Bee cupcakes!

{Source of Bee cupcakes from Flickr}

I especially loved the cherry blossom and leaf designs in the last picture from Icing Dreams, and it was one of several photos I took with us to Sibby's Cupcakery for our tasting.

In preparation of our tasting, we got to select four flavors of cupcakes to try (since they're baked fresh just for us for the tasting). On our negative one year wedding anniversary, last June, we'd gotten the Sibby's sampler mix of 24 mini cupcakes, so we already had some favorite flavors in mind. So for the tasting we picked two favorites and two new flavors: Carrot Cinnamon, Latte Love, Red Velvet, and Snickerdoodle.

Mr. Cola and I each got four minis to try, one of each flavor, and while it was a struggle to let myself eat half of each one while on my diet, they were oh so good! Seriously. Sibby's cupcakes are better than any wedding cake I've ever eaten!

(the rest of the photos in this post were taken by me)

There were also some other flavors on hand to try if we wanted to, shown on one of their pretty stands that are available for rent.

While we nom nom nommed, we discussed the quantity of cupcakes and design ideas. I showed off a picture of our 6 foot tall cupcake stand, on which we'd planned to put 18 dozen minis and 9 dozen regular cupcakes. However, based on Sibby's formula, for 100 guests we would only really need about 8 dozen minis and 7 dozen regular! Whoops! And then when it came to the designs, we discovered that all my lovely, intricate designs would be an added cost. Saddness! But understandable; those designs have got to take a long time!

In the end we came up with some really great decoration ideas that won't cost anything extra, and will look fabulous on our stand, which I'll share in my next post (along with PhotoShop mock ups :) ). We finished half of our cupcakes and left happy and full, looking forward to receiving our proposal from Sibby's in a day or two.

(The remnants of our tasting. On the way there, Mr. Cola had jokingly wondered if they'd give us milk with our cupcakes, and he was very happy when they did!)

Since we only ate half our cupcakes, we took the rest home in a cute little box for later, and we had enough restraint to wait two days before diplomatically agreeing on who got which ones. ("I know you want the carrot cake one, so if you get that one, I get the latte one, okay...?")

Coming up next I'll share how we decided to balance the number of cupcakes we needed with the number we wanted (to make our stand look awesome), and which flavors and designs we picked!

Have you gone to your cake or cupcake tasting yet?


  1. Wow, those look so yummy! Especially the carrot cupcakes - my favorite :) Can't wait to see what you came up with for the display!

  2. Yum! Can’t wait to hear what you picked! We loved the tasting with the baker we decided to go with. They turned us loose with a huge plate of nearly full slices of each type of cake, plus different fillings and frostings on the side.

  3. We had our first cake/cupcake tasting this weekend (also hard to eat so many cupcakes while trying to loose weight!). I wasn't overly impressed with the bakery... I'll write about it soon. =)

  4. Oooh.. so pretty!! They look so delicious too. I love the little pink flower. I want a cupcake now. :)

  5. Seriously? Who makes cupcakes like those first pics you shared? Incredible! Sadly, we have yet to handle the cake decision. I would prefer to go the cupcake route and be done with it, but it isn't happening thus far. We just need to find some time to schedule with our baker :(