Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Favor-ful San Francisco Treats

So, on to what will go in our decorated favor boxes, San Francisco treats (and no, not Rice-A-Roni!).

At first I thought we'd do "SF Bay Area" favors, so we could incorporate something from Gilroy, CA, the garlic capital of the world, since garlic is my favorite food. I even ordered garlic almonds, garlic pistachios and garlic sesame sticks to try them, but none were that good, and they were pretty expensive. And the packaging wasn't that cute either, as you can see in these pictures I took. I not only wanted cute outer boxes, but a nice logo on the inner packaging too.

So with those not up to par, we moved on to all San Francisco favors.

Up first, we will have Ghiradelli Chocolate Squares. I will probably get a mix of two different flavored squares, and 5-6 squares will go in the gable boxes. I found bulk boxes online here for $43 per 120 squares.


Next, I found yummy local cookies made by the San Francisco Cookie Company. We'll put two individually wrapped cookies in each of the square boxes (cookies are $1.50 each). They even sent us a nice note when we ordered a dozen to sample their chocolate chip cookies.

(photo by me)

And finally, we'll have a salty San Francisco option, for those guests who aren't feeling like something sweet, with Thatcher's Gourmet Popcorn in White Cheddar. I ordered several flavors and sizes from them, since we weren't sure which size would fit best in the bag boxes, but we liked the gourmet bag best because of the sticker with the Golden Gate Bridge on it.

(both popcorn pictures taken by me)

However, the bag is about twice as full/tall as it needs to be to fit into the bag box (a good deal for $2.79 though). So we'll either empty half the popcorn out before loading the bag box, or maybe just buy the popcorn in bulk and duplicate the sticker on the front, so we can put it in a smaller sized bags ourselves, I haven't decided yet.

Now that we know what will go in the favors, all that was left (other than to actually order them and stuff the boxes the Tues or Wed before the wedding) was to make cute signs to show our guests what the favors are (all the rest of these pics were taken by me too). Using more leftover paper, glue, and punches, I constructed these:

As well as this sign thanking our guests and encouraging them to choose a favor:

(hopefully this will reiterate that they need to choose a favor, not take all three. But we'll have a total of 120 favors for 100 people, so even if a couple people are greedy, we probably won't run out)

And finally, I had to make sure that everything would fit on the 4 foot table at our venue, so I did a mock up on the floor in our living room. This will be a handy picture to print out and include in the box of favors, so our DOC can set up everything as I have envisioned.

Will you be offering your guests more than one wedding favor to choose from?


  1. I officially love you for finding Ghirardelli chocolates for such a reasonable price! We are going to use those for our favors, and I hadn't been able to find such a good deal!!! We are just going to do three chocolates in hand-stamped muslin bags. I wanted to forego favors due to the sheer monstrosity of our guest list, but this will keep it simple for us. Love the idea of having a choice, though, and I love your cute signs!

  2. What a fun, creative idea. Your signs look fantastic!

  3. This looks amazing! And i love the treats you selected and the signs you made. This is definitely an inspiration blog!

  4. mmmm Looks Yummy and your signs look awesome!

  5. I love seeing your vision come together! It's exactly as you described :P Your guests will love.

  6. How cool! I would love all of those as gifts!Good job, they look great!