Friday, November 20, 2009

Dresses and More Dresses: My After Party Dress and Shoe Options

Since I didn't want to have to wear my wedding dress all night, especially during the debauchery that's sure to go down at our after party (and it's an excuse to buy yet another cute outfit!), I decided I'd do a change after the wedding reception.

Our after party will be taking place in adjoining Loft Suites back at the San Mateo Marriott (I'll post more extensively about the after party later). It will probably be about 25 of our closest friends and family members, who, uh, like to drink. We're shelling out a huge load of money for an open bar at the reception, but as the hosts, I don't feel like we can really take advantage of it. So we're opting for a small-ish gathering after the big event, where we can get down and PAR-TAY!

So, I needed a comfortable, but still cute and wedding-ish dress, and here is the beauty I bought, for $138 from Nordstrom.


It's a bit more formal than Mr. Cola's after party outfit, but I love that it is light gold, with some sparkle to the material, and think it will be a great follow up to my beautiful wedding dress. Now the problem is just finding the right shoes.

I ordered, but returned these shoes from The color of the bow on the back of the heel just wasn't the right color for the dress. It actually looked MUCH darker/more orange in person than it does in this picture.

Next, I decided to do a survey on Weddingbee, to help me narrow down my selection from these five that I was considering (click the link on any of these for the source/product page):

Chinese Laundry Women's Mezanine Sandal:

Nine West Women's Mushu Dress Sandal:

Touch Ups Women's Alana Sandal:

Touch Ups Women's Jillian Sandal:

Touch Ups Women's Kendall Sandal:

In the Weddingbee survey, the Alana (3rd pair) won, followed by the second pair, and the first pair came in third. I'm thinking I might just order all three, to see which color really goes best with my dress in real life. Also, comfort will be a factor, because by the end of the day I'm sure my feet will be pretty tired.

What do you think, which of these shoes do you like best with my after party dress? Got any suggestions for even cuter shoes?


  1. Cute dress! Hmmm . . . so many choices. I think on their own, I like the Kendall the best. I agree with the WeddingBee girls that the Alana goes best with the dress. Too bad the first pair didn't work out - I like how the bow in the back compliments the bow on the sash.

    See you tonight!

  2. I would have to say that I like the Alana as well because I am all about something that will be comfy on my feet and stay in place and provide support while I'm ripping it up on th dance floor. Plus it's just stylish and pretty anyway and will be a great accent to the super cute dress.

  3. I like the second since I could see them being worn again - super cute!

  4. Gahhh I love that dress! So pretty!

    I am such a sucker for shoes...yet I don't know what my opinion is on these pairs...I think they all go very well! Is a colored shoe completely out of the picture? The sister shoes to my wedding pumps would go oh-so well...a peep toe pump in soft powder pink faux patent snakeskin...I can see them now...

  5. love the dress and I think the second gold shoe would be so pretty! And you can wear them again~!