Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dresses and More Dresses: My MOH In Her Bridesmaid Dress

Yay, my sister/MOH just sent me pics of her wearing her bridesmaid dress that just arrived, so I can share it with you all now too! Doesn't she look super cute?

(personal photos)

Her hair is covering the pretty gathered straps a bit in these pictures, but with a cute updo at the wedding they will be more visible.

Will your MOH have something on her dress to differentiate her from your other bridesmaids, or will they all look the same? I'm still not sure if my MOH needs something or not.


  1. The dress looks so great on her! Love your Bee icon, too.

  2. My MOH (sister) will look the same as the other 4 bridesmaids. And there's my daughter who is a mix of a junior BM but I refer to her as a BM. However, she is in a very similar dress and fabric to the other 5 girls but she has a different color :)

  3. mine's wearing the same thing as everyone else.

    I love the color of your bm dresses! ;)

  4. Very nice......it looks like it would feel good on too! =)