Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Favor-ably Decorated Boxes

Since I love tying everything in our wedding together with our color scheme, I decided to use the purple punched flowers (from our STDs, among other things) and purple and green ribbon to decorate our favor boxes. And the ribbon was on sale even, for only $0.33 per spool, and I already had the purple paper for the flowers left over from other projects, so while time consuming, decorating these didn't cost much at all.

The bag boxes were decorated using 4 strips of ribbon that I glued to the inside of the center punched hole, and threaded through small hole punches I made on the sides, securing those ends with glue as well. I then used a punched flower on the front and back, attached with a bronze bracket, to hold the bag box closed (although I realized after doing a couple, it will be much easier to secure the brackets and flowers after putting the edible favors in the bag, next spring, so I saved them in a ziplock for later).

(yes, in my book a Mike's Hard beverage IS a craft supply!)

Not only were the square boxes the easiest to assemble, they were also the easiest to decorate, because I just took two strips of ribbon, wrapped and glued them around the bottom of the cover flap, and then put glue on 1/2 of a punched flower, and glued it to the top flap (so the flaps can still come apart, but the flower is centered).

The gable boxes took the longest because I had to thread the ribbon through punched holes and reach all the way in the boxes to pull the ribbon tight and glue it. I then glued 4 purple punched flowers to the front.

(don't mind the glue on my fingers, holding and gluing ribbon is a messy job!)

(I really liked my design of using small hole punches to allow me to only decorate the front of these boxes, making them even cheaper to decorate, since I was able to use a lot less ribbon than I would have if I'd wrapped it all the way around)

Now I've got to go put together a mock up of how these favor boxes will all be arranged on the table, with the signs, as well as reveal what will actually go in them!

Did you decorate your favor boxes to go with your color scheme or wedding theme?


  1. So creative! These look so fantastic, I think it's great how they all tie together but it's not necessarily the exact same design on each box. Can't wait to see what your favors are!

  2. Morgan! I'm so glad you posted this. I must ask what you think of the Zip Dry glue? I'm looking for a glue to adhere my main page to the backing on my programs without leaving streaks or puffs. GAH I am not crafty. HELP!

  3. @ Miss Pug, I adore Zip Dry! It dries so much faster than regular scrapbooking glue, so you don't have to hold it in place for very long, and it doesn't puff up like glue gun glue does. I'd buy it in bulk if I could, I think I've bought at least 12-15 of them since I started wedding crafting!

  4. Super cute! Did your fiance punch out these flowers, too? LOL. I think your guests are really going to enjoy having a choice of favors.

  5. What a cute idea! You did a fantastic job!

  6. Wow! You've done an amazing job once again! I love how creative you are. This way I can live vicariously! :) Can't wait to see the mock up!

  7. I don't even know how you do what you do. I am so not talented the way you are! You are very very crafty and I hope your guests appreciate all the time, thought and creativity you are putting into all these DIY projects. Incredible! My boxes would not look nearly as done up as yours do, but we are adding some little custom created labels and ribbons in our wedding colors. :)

  8. They look great! You did such a good job!