Friday, May 7, 2010

There Are Some Wedding Things Guys Will Never Understand

Like the need for fun/silly photographs, for example.

Mr. Cola and I were lying in bed, talking the other night about our wedding day schedule, and it came up that he has to take pictures with the groomsmen before our First Look. I reminded him that he needed to remember to get a shot taken of all the guys jumping in the air. Sort of like this:

He just sort of laughed and said "that sounds dumb."

I then reminded him of the deal we made, back when we couldn't find any cute sage green argyle socks to do a sock photo with. He had already agreed to do a jumping shot, in exchange for not doing a sock photo, like this one:

He REALLY thinks the matching socks pictures are silly, even though I love them. He honestly couldn't care less about any of our wedding pictures (and would be happy not to do any at all), so a good compromise was to just do the jumping picture instead.

But when I reminded him of this, you want to know what his response was?

"Why don't we just throw some socks up in the air, then you'd have the best of both pictures, and I wouldn't have to be in any of them. Yeah, that's what we should do! I bet that picture would knock people's socks off!"{Source}

Sigh. There are just some wedding things that guys will never understand. In Mr. Cola's case, it's cutesy pictures.

What wedding things does your fiance not embrace or understand?


  1. My FI is the same way about pictures. When I told him the time I wanted his guys there for pictures, his response was that it would only take 15-20 minutes for the pictures he wanted! He said he'd go with what I wanted though as long as I had something for them to drink after all the pictures- smart man! :)

  2. 1. I love socks
    2. I love funny photos
    3. I can't wait to share this idea with MY fiancee!

    I'm so glad I clicked from one blog to another and stumbled on yours! I can't take any more mommy-blogs.
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  3. I love fun pictures and I love those fun socks.
    My guy here: hates them!! :-)

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    Have a great weekend.