Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Moniker Inspired Rehearsal Bouquet

This is a quick little project that I actually really wanted to do for my trash the dress shoot in Vegas, but didn't come up with the idea until a few days before the trip, when it was too late. And it wasn't really even my idea to begin with, it's all thanks to the fabulous Mrs. Fro Yo! Check out her amazing frozen yogurt bouquet from her bridal session here.

After seeing that, I of course wanted a Cola bouquet for myself, and I will have a good place to use it: at our wedding rehearsal! Since I'm not having a bridal shower, I won't have one of the traditional ribbon and bow bouquets to use to rehearse with, but I thought it would be a good idea to have at least something to practice holding.

Enter eBay, where I got 40 bottle caps for only $2 + shipping! I just glued 5 bottle caps onto another bottle cap, and added a rhinestone in the center to create little Cola daisies.

Add sticks glued to the back of each of the five daisies, silk hydrangeas, some ribbon, and you've got a Cola bouquet! Here it is photographed on top of the fabric of my new rehearsal dinner dress.

(Yes, I got a new rehearsal dress. Trying to alter the one I bought in September down two sizes was going to be too much of a pain, and I can still return the old dress for store credit. Sorry, I don't have any good pictures of me wearing the new dress yet, but it's super cute, and I will be wearing a purple ribbon sash with it that matches the ribbon on this bouquet).

The top view (Cola Kitty approves):
(All photos in this post were taken by me)

Even though this was another unnecessary project, I know I'm going to be glad I have something to practice holding during our rehearsal. I've seen too many pictures where brides hold their bouquet too high, covering the details on their dress, so I want to make sure I avoid doing that. It will also be good to have something to keep my hands occupied, in case I'm feeling a little nervous with all eyes on us during the rehearsal!

Will you be using a stand in bouquet to practice with during your wedding rehearsal?


  1. I wouldn't have expected anything less from you. That is genius and pretty as well! Totally you and totally perfect for a rehearsal! So fun.

  2. Love the cola bouquet!

    We dont have rehearsal bouquets over here but in hindsight it would have been a good idea as on the day I was like oh I have these flowers, what do I do with them!

  3. Supr-adorable! I love anything vintage and rhinestone-y, so this is right up my alley. And what a fun way to commemorate your time as a Bee Blogger!

    See you tonight! Can't wait ;)

  4. I love this idea. It is so cute.