Friday, September 25, 2009

Saving The Date, Part 4: Stamped, Sent and Spent

These babies are stamped and sent!

I just dropped them in the mailbox this morning:

Now, before we dive into the cost breakdown, let's have one last look at the entire suite:

Alright, now on to the not-so-fun stuff, the cost of these STDs. I didn't include the corner rounder, flower punch, x-acto knife or cutting mat in this, because I will be using them for other projects. I also didn't include the price for the full pack of paper, etc, I did it by the cost per sheet of paper used, because I will also be using the leftovers for other things. So here is what I spent on these, $3.54 each before postage (click the chart for a clearer image).

Perhaps a tad on the expensive side for STDs, I think this is more along the lines of the cost of the real invitations for most people, but oh well! I said from the beginning that I wasn't DIY'ing things
just to save money, and I'm still super happy I did these Save The Dates the way I did. They're all me, baby! I love the fact that none of our guests will have ever seen STDs like these before, so the cost is well worth it in my opinion! Also, I should note that the guy at the post office didn't point out until I was swiping my debit card that the stamps he was having me buy were $0.20 over what I needed. So there was an extra cost there, but oh well.

Did you over spend on a wedding item, but were happy with the decision?

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  1. awesome job! i really love your take on the rounded corners. the envelopes are beautiful too.