Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Saving The Date, Part 3: The Final Touches

After my (almost) math screw up, it was time to add one last touch to the STD cards: belly bands! You knew all that ribbon had to have some purpose!

In comes the handy ruler, brand new scissors, and the ribbon I got from Michaels:
11 inches x 82 of the chocolate grosgrain ribbon cut: And another 82 of the purple satin ribbon:
Next I glued the ribbon together with some Zip Dry:
Making sure that one end had both ends of the ribbon lined up exactly:
I then broke out the handy lighter again and quickly ran the flame over the lined up end, so it wouldn't fray.
Then I wrapped the ribbon band around the cards and glued it with the lined up and melted end on top:
Now, doesn't that look better!? And now people will have to slide the band off to see who they're saving the date for (if you remember, our names are under where the ribbon band is).
So, done, right? Haha, just kidding! These needed one more thing to complete them:
Punched flower embellishments! I did all the ones out of the 65lb purple paper, but Mr. Cola was kind enough to do the 111lb green ones because it was too thick for me to punch. I then glued the green flowers behind the purple, so they looked like leaves.
Here is a close up:
And voila, I was done!
These turned out awesome, and were soooo worth all the time and effort! But, you may be asking yourself, how was I going to send these to people? Well....I only said
I was done....LOL!

While I was doing all the ribbon and paper flower gluing, Mr. Cola was being helpful for once, and he can take credit for our envelopes! He started by spending about an hour making a guide out of cardboard, so he could easily line up the laser cut stamp with the envelope (don't ask me why it took an hour to set this up, but as long as he was helping I wasn't going to question his methods!)
The finished stamp guide, ready to be used:
Line it up:
Press (and yes, I know all these stamping pictures aren't necessary. But DIY wedding help is hard to come by from Mr. Cola, so I'm documenting it all, haha!):
The stamped front:
Stamping the return address on the back of the envelopes:
And done. For realz! With a clear address label.
Next up, I'll do the cost breakdown (this might be a scary one....!).

Did your fiance help you with any DIY projects when it got down to the deadline to get something done?


  1. Did my hubby help with anything?? HAHAHA - no. Let's see, what did I have him do? up I think. He helped with the food and location picking.

  2. those look great! a labor of love! :O)