Friday, September 18, 2009

Saving The Date, Part 2: Inserts and Magnets

So in my last post you got to see how I made the pocket folds, now let's see what went in those suckers!

I wanted to include some basic things: the date, the location, info about the accommodations and the discounted room block, and of course a snazzy magnet so people would remember everything. I also knew I needed a cover of some sort and two inserts (otherwise, why bother with the pocket!). It was a bit of a stretch....I didn't REALLY need two inserts, so I basically duplicated the info from the magnet onto the front insert, and put the accommodations and website info on the second insert.

I laid everything out on one sheet of
this butter cream card stock (it is the same weight and texture as the green pocket fold, and much lighter in real life than pictured on the website). I then flipped the paper over and printed cutting guides on the back side. I did the same with this purple lighter weight card stock, for a layer under the butter cream. I then (crazily) tried to cut these with my paper cutter.

Mmmmkaaayy, not so much! I HATE my cutter, it just doesn't cut anything straight, and is hard to line up. So I gave that up pretty quickly, and called up my "good friends at Kinko's" (I call them that because we give them like $100k in business a year through my company with last minute printing, so they know me pretty well). For only $19.54 they could cut everything for me, saving me about 20 hours of time!

And here are my beauties after coming back from Kinko's, with the purple card stock glued under the butter cream, opposite corners rounded with my precious corner rounder (edited for privacy):
(top left is the cover, top right is the second insert, bottom left is what will go behind the magnets, and bottom right is the front insert)

The only problem I had, and I'm not sure if this was Kinko's fault or my printer not printing consistently, but I did have several sheets that were cut too close to the edge. In this picture you can see the cream sheets stacked under the purple and cream layered sheets, that is how many were too messed up to use from each stack, and I had to go back and hand cut new sheets with my x-acto knife.

The other piece to these were my magnets. I looked online at several companies that made custom ones, but ended up going with They had the best pricing I found, for 250 magnets no less (250 was still cheaper than the 100 I needed!). Plus, they sent me a couple samples before I ordered, so I could make sure they were high enough quality. I hate it when I get magnets that won't even hold up a single piece of paper, and totally didn't want to send people cheapies! Here is the final product:
(don'tcha love how they match the design of our wedding website?)

Next came the fun of gluing the covers onto the pocket folds, gluing the under the magnet sheet, and putting the inserts in the pocket. I seem to have pretty much taken over our TV room with my wedding stuff.....!

And without further ado, here is the (mostly) final product! The cover:

The inside with the magnet attached with photo corners:

And the inside with the magnet removed (I stole the idea of the fun surprise of the date under the magnet from
this post):

Now, it would seem that these are done and ready to mail out, right? But no, see, my craziness just keeps on going, and since these are already overly elaborate, I had to go one step further, which I will share in my next post!

How much information did you send with your Save The Dates?

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