Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Woodside Wedding: Pics In The Park

Since I never got to share engagement pictures with you all (since we didn’t take any), I’m going to over-share on the photos we took around the park after we had our first look!

Mr. Cola isn't a big fan of having his picture taken, so we compromised and didn’t do an e-pics session, but instead we scheduled an hour for us to do pictures of just the two of us after our first look. And I’m pretty happy we did, because if I had to pick, I would rather have these pro pics of us all dolled up in our wedding attire over more pictures in our everyday clothes!

After our first look we took a few minutes to just sort of soak in being with each other for the first time on our wedding day.

Then we relaxed on a bench next to the pond.

At some point our photographers told Mr. C to whisper something funny in my ear to make me laugh. Wanna guess his phrase of choice? "Cat butts!" Which I of course thought was hilarious, from a long standing inside joke about our silly cats.

Next we stood by the pond to get a closer look at the ducks! I'm an animal lover, what? (just kidding, nobody would let me go feed the ducks. Luckily I had someone cuter to concentrate on ;) !).

Then we took some close ups.

And got some gorgeous photos of the details on my dress.

Then we tried to look saucy on the path around the pond.
(I’m not sure we succeeded, we were pretty much just cracking each other up!)

Next we took some kissing pictures over a brick wall (which was hard because I’m short and had to stand on my tip toes!).

This is our “Haha, photographers, you just had to watch us make out” smirk!

Our photogs then asked me if I’d be willing to climb up on the brick wall, to which I replied, “OK, but how?” They set up a photo equipment box for me to step up on, and laid out some canvas bags on the wall so my dress wouldn’t get too dirty (which didn’t really work, as we already know).

Then Mr. Cola hopped up on the wall with me for a shoe shot (yup, I was still only wearing my flip flops, saving my heels for later). I still wish Mr. C would have worn cute argyle socks, but oh well, I still love this photo!

And with that we were out of time for pictures in the park, and had to jump in the limo and head up to our venue. It was almost time to get married!

Will you be scheduling any time on your wedding day to take photos of just you and your SO?

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(All photos in this post were taken by the very talented photographers of Shoot Me Now Photography)


  1. Lovely photos! I especially like the sepia-toned one of the two of you. And it seems like a great compromise to spend an hour on pre-wedding photos if the Mr. didn't want to do engagement photos.

  2. Loooove these! You guys look great! My favorite is the second photo you posted. I like the vintage effect and you are so cute putting your hand on his cheek!

  3. These photos are beautiful, and you both look so happy! I love the photo of you lying down on the brick wall, even though it's too bad your dress got dirty. We did a couple "solo" shoots with each other throughout the day, and I loved every minute.

  4. These are gorgeous pictures! We designated some time after our first look for photos of just the two of us as well :)

  5. Wow these are REALLY stunning! You look beautiful and both of you look so happy!

    I wish my photographer had been anywhere near as amazing. :)