Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Woodside Wedding: The Finishing Touches

When our photographers arrived at the hotel suite, we were just breaking out a bottle of champagne, while waiting for my hairstyle to come together. I had wanted to be completely ready, except for having my dress on when they arrived, but oh well!

(We totally rocked the champagne in Solo cups!)

Instead, my hair running late gave one of our photogs time to take some pro shots of my accessories, while the other headed down the hall to take photos of the guys getting ready, which you’ll see in my next post.

My dress:

Shoes and dress:

I swoon every time I look at these pictures of my shoes!

Our wedding bands with one of my "something old" items (a little bear I gave one of my grandmothers when I was 3 years old that she carried around in her purses for 20 years, and my grandpa gave it back to me after she passed).
And our bands with one of our DIY invitations. I love how they captured the laser cut text so well!

Our hotel suite door sign:

Then it was finally time to put on my dress!

I never thought I’d be a “dress bride.” You know, the bride who is head over heels in love with their dress, loved shopping for it, tried on a million dresses, and felt like a princess when she put it on; I always just cared way more about my shoes and the DIY details of our wedding. I had struggled to even get excited about dresses at first, had some disappointing shopping experiences (including rudely being told I should lose weight), but finally found a gorgeous gown that was perfect for me. And while I wouldn’t say I felt like a “princess” when I put on my wedding dress on our wedding day, I did feel gorgeous and really did love my dress to pieces. It made me so very happy; putting on my dress meant that the day was really and truly finally here—I was a bride, and about to marry my best friend!

I slipped into my dress in the downstairs bathroom in our suite, and then came out to get laced up by my sister, who had taken off her bridesmaid dress so the bust line could being sewn closed by her boyfriend (A guy who can sew? Now that's a keeper!).

While my sister was finishing lacing my dress, one of my other bridesmaids helped me put on my jewelry, because I couldn’t let go of the stairway railing for long, or I would fall over—my sister was doing a great job of cinching my corset super tight so "the girls" wouldn't fall out!

Then I was ready to slip on my flip flops (I wore those to our first look, because I didn’t want to tire out my feet with my 4 ½ inch heels until the ceremony), put on my lipstick, and posed for a couple of quick shots next to the window and with my bridesmaids. We were still running about 20 minutes late, and couldn’t spend much more time on the finishing touches!

Next up, the guys get ready!

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(All photos in this post were taken by the very talented photographers of Shoot Me Now Photography)


  1. Ahhh, such beautiful photos! 100% worth the wait! I love the invitation/ring detail shot - it's on my must-have list for sure!

  2. I love these photos! Detail shots and "getting ready" shots capture so much of the excitement and anticipation about the day. And I know I've said it before, but your dress was gorgeous, as were you! :)

  3. You and your dress are beautiful!! The shoe shots are amazing!

  4. Gorgeous!! I just love the detailing on your dress!

  5. You looked amazing! I love your details, especially the shoes!