Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Woodside Wedding: The Guys Veg Out, Then Get Ready in 10 Minutes

After Mr. Cola left our hotel suite the morning of our wedding, so the ladies and I could get ready, he met up with the guys in another room down the hall, and they spent the morning watching the World Cup and doing who knows what else.

Of course, there are no pictures of their morning, since “they had no cameras” (and my pointing out that if they had cell phones, they had cameras was apparently lost on them). All I know is that it was reported partway through the morning, when a bridesmaid ran down to their room to get something, that it smelled like “testosterone” in their room. Meaning lots of sweaty, stinky boys crammed in a room, getting riled up and yelling at the TV, no doubt.

At about 1 in the afternoon I texted Mr. C that it was his half hour warning until the photographers were arriving, so they should think about starting to get ready. And once the photographers arrived, they captured these photos of the studly guys putting on their own finishing touches! They sure clean up good, if I do say so myself!

Groomsman P was the official tie tying instructor!

I love that it looks like Mr. Cola is getting some serious advice from his brother in this picture.

But Mr. C claims that it was all good times, joking and laughter in the hotel room that morning, and that this is a better representation.

Mr. Cola had his own photo shoot next to the window.

This is one of my favorites!

Some of the groomsmen gifts made an appearance.

After one final mirror check, Mr. Cola was ready.

Once the guys were dressed and ready to impress, they headed out by the pool for a few more photos. First they tried to play it cool.

Then took a few of the adorably funny jumping photos I’d wanted to badly. They didn’t disappoint! :)

And a few of Mr. C with his bro.

Then two of the groomsmen had to head out, to drive the Uhaul truck with all the decorations up to our venue. The rest of the guys went back up to the hotel room to gather their things, and waited for their cue to head out as well a few minutes later. And it was almost time for Mr. Cola to leave for our first look in the park!

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(All photos in this post were taken by the very talented photographers of Shoot Me Now Photography)


  1. The guys look great! Funny how they (mine included) wait till the last minute but still turn out looking ok :)

  2. Love those jumping photos of the guys - too funny! Yes, it takes guys like 5 seconds to get ready . . . but I think getting ready is probably half the fun of a wedding day for girls, so I'm looking forward to a long morning of hair and makeup :)

  3. Great photos! Our "getting ready" photographer was with me and the girls, since the guys got ready all the way across town. I was so disappointed to learn that Stephen and the guys all got ready by themselves and didn't snap any photos! We got great shots of the guys at the "first look" site, though.