Monday, December 7, 2009

X-Acto Knife Happy: Our Chair Signs

How do I wish I had a Cricut (or wasn't too lazy to go in to Mr. Cola's office to use the laser cutter!) after these projects I'll share over the next two days. The knuckle on my right index finger hates me after using the x-acto knife, it's still swollen and red!

First up, the Bride and Groom chair signs! Yet another unnecessary project, but it was fun to make (not for my knuckle), and I'm really digging working with our paper to tie everything together!

To start, I gathered my supplies, and printed out the inverse of "Bride" and "Groom" on the back of my butter cream cardstock (all pics in this post were taken by me):

Then painstakingly I cut out the words with my x-acto knife (I have no idea what I'll do with the cut out words, but am saving them for something now that I have them!):

Next I cut out green and purple paper to 5" x 8.5," punched the purple paper with the same punch that was used on our Paper Bag Luminaries, cut out and rounded the butter cream paper, and glued them all together:

I then punched four holes in each sign:

And thread two strings of ribbon through:

And then....well, that's it! Super easy (except the cutting out of the words)! This is what it will look like on the (nicer, less dirty) chairs at our reception, since we'll be facing our guests at the head table, the signs will only be seen when we're not in them.

Have you put your x-acto knife to good use with your wedding crafting?


  1. Very cute! Looks like you got a nice, smooth line with the x-acto knife. You are much more skilled than I!

  2. They look great! I can barely get a straight line with the x-acto knife!

  3. Those came out great! But I'm still scratching the top of my head on how you did the words with the x-acto.....hmmmm????

  4. @ Gonna Be His Mrs - very, very slowly! I actually traced the letters very lightly to start with the knife, then went deeper and deeper, about three times over until they were cut all the way through.

  5. Wow lady...I am constantly impressed by your creative talents and abilities! They look so amazing. I am actually having our stationery company make them for us :) I dont' have the patience or ability you do. :)

  6. Wow they are so cute, they turned out great!!! But seriously an x-acto knife for cutting those out? OUCH! I love my new die cutting machine ( blogged about it the other day). Even if I didn't have the machine, I never would have tried to do that with an x-acto knife! wow you go girl!