Tuesday, December 8, 2009

X-Acto Knife Happy: Escort Table Sign

The second x-acto knife intensive project I recently completed was a sign that will go on the escort card table, showing guests where to find their table on the deck.

If you remember from my crazy PhotoShop post, the layout of our reception will look very much like this, with the escort card table on the grass next to the two level deck:

At the suggestion of our DOC, I not only will number our tables in order of table placement (not in order of who's more important and sitting at that table), but I also made a diagram to put on the table, so people can look at their table assignment, then look at the diagram to see where to find their table.

Similar to my Bride and Groom chair signs, I started by printing the inverse of all my shapes out on the back of the paper (all pics were taken by me):

Then I spent an entire afternoon using my x-acto knife to cut everything out:

I then glued the table numbers together, using a layer of green paper and an offset second layer of brown (printed on the green paper). These numbers match my table numbers that I finally decided on, and will share soon:

Next, the wood grain paper strips got glued together in layers, to create "steps" on the deck, and the numbers got glued to purple punched flowers, which got glued to the round tables:

Then everything except the tables were glued to the wood "decks" on a 10" x 8" sheet of purple, to show how the tables will be arranged. (And yes, that is the gorgeous paper that Miss Apple Cider used! I spent months looking for the right color of wood grain paper to incorporate into our plans, even toying with the idea of using thin veneer, until I found the answer, on Weddingbee, of course!). For the tables I used double sided tape to attach them to the deck, just in case we need to later add or delete a table for some reason.

You can see the layers and texture a little better from the side:

I then put it in a frame that matches the framed sign with our favor table, and it's done!

Do you plan to make a sign showing how the tables are laid out at your reception, to help guests locate their assigned table?


  1. This is a really great idea! I think it would be helpful with the 40-50 tables we will be having to let people know exactly where they should sit. Lovely work, and beautiful wood-grain paper!

  2. I hadn't thought of this before! What a great idea! Love how it turned out! Will definitely need to show the fiance this

  3. Very cute!!! I'm making a map as well, I just haven't figured out exactly how it's going to go. But since I'm getting a Cricut for Christmas, if I decide to go anything along these lines I won't have to cut them all out by hand...you poor thing!!

  4. Wow, lady...it just shocks me at how artsy you are! I love it. Yes, I had planned on having a little 'table map' on our escort table so guests can see where their tables are. But we are actually having our stationery company design it for us and then it will be printed on a large board. I could never pull off this stuff you do. But I seriously think you should start an Etsy shop and sell this stuff!

  5. It looks GREAT and is a great idea! How on earth do you still have fingers ;) j/k! I try to use my xacto knife and I always mess everything up. You have skillz!