Thursday, December 3, 2009

My First Etsy Purchase: Semi-Custom Bridal Jewelry

It's time to show you my first ever Etsy purchase, from the fabulous seller Luxe Deluxe. Check out their store for some seriously jeweled eye candy.

Working with this seller was extremely easy. I first inquired about some great looking earrings in their store, to see if a matching bracelet and necklace existed (most of the jewelry in their store has matching pieces). The earrings had just the right balance of bling and pearls that I was looking for to go with the details on my dress.


After several back and forth e-mails, the seller was able to create mock ups for me of a matching necklace and bracelet, modeled after other styles in their store, but with the beautiful pearl and Swarovski crystal filigree that I liked from the earrings.

And here are the beauties that I ended up with, which came in cute little pink ribbon wrapped boxes (all these photos taken by me):

(the quality of work from this seller is amazing! Even down to the necklace clasp with crystals, these pieces are just beautiful, and well worth the total of $218 + $8.25 shipping!)

And here I threw on a tube top to show you all what they will look like when I'm wearing them. With my hair half up, the earrings will be shown off pretty well, and I think the necklace is the perfect length to go with my strapless dress (the seller even made the necklace and bracelet to my size specifications, which is fantastic for my tiny wrists, so I won't have to worry about the bracelet slipping off).

I still can't decide if the bracelet should be worn on my right or left hand. If it's on the left, it will probably be more comfortable, but I don't want it to detract from the new bling of my wedding band and e-ring. So maybe it should be worn on my right wrist, to balance things out?

What do you think, which wrist will you be wearing a bracelet on, if you're wearing one? And where did you find your wedding jewelry?


  1. Your jewelry is beautiful! and how great that the seller worked so closely with you! I agree with the bracelet being on the right hand for the reasons you stated. Let the rings have some of the spotlight :)

  2. I used Luxe Deluxe too! Love her!

  3. I love it! Your bracelet reminds me of mine a little bit. I originally thought I would wear it on the right hand but I have a separate costume jewelry type ring that I want to wear on that hand and it just didn't look good with my bracelet over there :) So the fiance and jewelry designer suggested I wear the bracelet on my left hand with my wedding ring and I actually really love it. So left it is! I think it's a great compliment to the beauty of a wedding ring :)

  4. Oh my, these are beautiful. I love it all, they are so classic. I'm so glad you had a great experience with Esty. I haven't bought anything on there before but I really want too.

  5. They look great on you! So elegant.......

  6. Oh I love it! I wear my bracelets on my right hand.

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