Monday, July 26, 2010

One Last Date With The Laser Cutter

To make our thank you cards!

I've written many times about the other things we made using the laser cutter at Mr. Cola's office, including rubber stamps, our cupcake tower, invitations and escort cards. And with only one wedding project left, I wasn't going to pass up the opportunity to use it a final time!

Also, I was only able to find one "Thank You" paper punch in stores for some reason, but I wanted something a little different than the all caps text with the star/flower shape on top.

So instead I spent an afternoon at Mr. C's office, cutting out the words "thank you" in the font we used on all our other wedding paper products.

I didn't want to buy any more paper, since we still had some left over from other projects, so I used the same wood grain and green paper from LCI Paper, and the lavender paper from Paper and More than we used on our invites. It was easy enough to x-acto a single sheet in half, and use a lighter (aka cheapie bone folder) to fold it in half to make a card.

Pre-wedding, every trip I made to Michaels Crafts I would buy them out of the chocolate and lavender ribbon, so I ended up having enough of that left over to use on these cards as well. I just cut the ribbon to size, and glued the two layers together, and I was ready to assemble!

Which, compared to almost all our other DIY projects, was really easy. Just wrap the ribbon around the front half of the card, gluing it only on the front. Then glue the Thank You wood grain paper on top of that, add a paper flower to a corner, and done!

Well, almost done. I then printed out guest's fauxtobooth pictures on my printer, and made super quick photo upload cards. As you can see below, the reason I didn't glue the ribbon to the inside of the card was because I used it to hold the guest's photo (or one of the teaser pics of Mr. C and I, for older guests who didn't use the fauxtobooth) and the photo upload card inside the thank you card (we only included the photo card if we thought they were someone who might have brought a digital camera). We figured most of our guests would enjoy a photo of themselves looking silly in the fauxtobooth, rather than a photo of us.
(my handwriting sucks, so I'm only gonna show you the inside of a blank card)

I've found that writing the thank yous in batches of about 10 at a time every couple of nights helps with the hand cramping, and we've got about half of them out the door so far. With all this non-wedding-planning time on our hands, I hope to finish the rest within the next week or so.

So there you have it, our last (sniff! sniff!) wedding paper project. I'm so glad we waited until after the wedding to make these, because we sure wouldn't have had time to do much before. We did, however, send guests who sent gifts way in advance their thank you cards before the wedding, but they were plain dollar bin cards.

How soon after (or before!) your wedding do you plan on working on your thank you cards?


  1. You are just a superstar with the paper products!

  2. So pretty! We're having a photo booth at our wedding too and I plan on sending pics of our guests in their thank you cards as well :o)

  3. The cards look fantastic, and of course, I'd expect nothing less from you! :) I'm glad you got one final wedding project out of the laser cutter. We got our cards out in the month after the wedding, and did include pictures, too. I love that idea.

  4. Ugh, you're so talented! I love that you included guest photos in there. Such a good idea!

  5. Your thank-you cards were amazing! Though I certainly expected no less :) It was fun seeing our photobooth pic also. And you'll have plenty of chances to use the laser cutter again . . . Christmas (and Christmas cards) are just around the corner!

  6. I should have known you would do something like this :) They look fabulous. And of course, the idea to include photo sharing cards in the thank you's is so smart. I wish I had done it that way instead of giving them out at the wedding. People forget them or didn't get them I think. Your cards look great. I am so happy to be done with mine!