Sunday, July 18, 2010

How To Pee At Your Party

Alright, time to lay down some wedding day wisdom! Regarding peeing!

I know this is something we’ve all thought about, or will have to think about. How the heck do you use the restroom in a wedding dress? It’s not easy, no matter how you look at it, that’s for sure. Especially if you have a dress with lots of material and poof, like an A-line or ball gown.

After purchasing my dress back in October, I looked on the Weddingbee boards and Googled for advice on how exactly to go about doing this. There was no way I was gonna hold it all night, and the ridonk rumor about bridal diapers wasn’t something I’d ever consider! But I basically found the same advice over and over, to get help from one of your bridesmaids.

Would you like to see a little illustration on the recommended way of peeing in a wedding gown, and the different way I found to work better? Thought so!

(And yeah, even though I’m a pretty dedicated blogger, I didn’t have someone take pictures of me in the bathroom so I could blog about it. You’ll have to make do with my lame line drawings. Apparently I’m pretty good at Photoshop, but not so much when it comes to actually drawing something in Illustrator!)

First, grab your MOH and enter the handicapped stall in the bathroom together.
Facing away from the toilet, have your MOH lift up your dress from behind.

Back toward the toilet, with your MOH standing behind you, squished up next to one side of the toilet.

Sit down, with her holding your dress up over the back of the toilet.

Ok, so I had a lot of problems with this recommended way of relieving yourself. First, I’m not a big fan of doing my business in front of people. We definitely have a “closed door” policy in our house! Plus, holding your dress up above your head could easily pull out your bustle, or potentially mess up your hair if the dress bumps into the back of your head. Not to mention the fact that you’ll have to interrupt the fun that your MOH or bridesmaid is having at your reception, and drag them off the dance floor to attend to your bladder’s needs.

So I thought I’d share the way I peed at my party with you all, because I found it a lot easier to pull off!

First, enter the handicapped stall by yourself.

Approach the toilet, facing the toilet, and pull up the front of your dress.

Take off your panties so they are either only on one leg, or you can take them off altogether.

Straddle the toilet, continuing to hold the front of your dress up. Get rid of all that champagne you’ve been drinking all night! ;)

And….that’s it! SO much easier than the two person alternative, and as a bonus, some alone time. In fact, this was the only time I had to myself our entire wedding day (the bathroom was empty except for me), and I relished the couple of minutes by myself, not having to talk to people!

So tell me, have you given this much though yet? Which way will you be peeing while wearing your wedding dress?


  1. Oh this cracked me up! But definitely gave me something to consider! I'm like you, I want "me time" when I'm doing my business! =)

  2. Oh my gosh, this is the best post ever. Seriously. We have a closed-door policy as well at our house, and the thought of peeing in front of my MOH makes me die. Great tips, and I love the stick-figure tutorial :)

  3. Your illustrations are hilarious! I was just talking about this with my MOH because she's getting married in a couple of weeks and when I went to her fitting this week, the subject of peeing came up. Great tip! I'm going to use this myself and send it to her as well :o)

  4. I'm sorry, but isn't the peeing with your closest friends/family holding your wedding dress up like one of those 'must have' moments at your wedding? As a matter of fact, I'm sad that I did not get that moment with my girls. Turns out, I used the restroom right before I got into my gown and didn't need to go to the restroom again until at least 7 hours later when I got out of my dress and into my 2nd reception dress which was a regular bathroom-friendly dress. :)

    Although I think it's a smart idea to straddle if you have to do it yourself, regardless of accidentally peeing on myself, I wouldn't want my gown on the floor (or God forbid on the toilet!) of a public restroom...blech!

  5. I didn't even think about having to go pee until we got to our hotel room and I realized I was about to burst!

  6. I LOVE these drawings!!! This is fantastic. I was lucky because my dress wasn't very big, so I didn't have any issues going in a regular stall by myself (with the exception of my train that got in the way a bit...luckily I didn't drop it in the toilet).

  7. I tried it the way you suggested, but it just didn’t work for me. My dress and slip were just too much for me to handle on my own. Thankfully, my sister was there to help me and I didn’t have a lot to drink for this very reason!

  8. That was FANTASTIC! I haven't even begun to think about this part yet, but thanks to you now I know how to do it!

    Those illustrations were priceless. This is one of your best posts! :)

  9. hahaha! I love your illustrations!! I will have to take this advice and put it to use on the wedding day...I am def a pee alone kinda gal!

  10. This is awesome. I attempted to have my sister help me, but it was too awkward for her so I straddled the pot. I put my arms up on the tank and took a few minutes to relax too.

  11. I love your pictures!

    My sis helped me a bit but I was able to hold my whole train / skirt up around me while I sat there!