Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Inviting Our Wedding Party

After selecting our venue and setting up our custom wedding website (more on that later), the next most important thing was asking our wedding party if, well, they'd be in our wedding party!

For Mr. Cola it was an easy choice, his brother would be his best man, and his 3 best friends from high school and college would be his groomsmen. Done, easy as pie.

However, considering that most of my friends are guys, and I'd had to disown my best girlfriend last January (long story), I was at first not looking forward to picking my girls. Obviously my sister would be my MOH, there was no question about that, but I didn't want to ask anyone to be a
bridesmaid who I wasn't that close with, and make someone feel obligated because they were asked. So I ended up picking bridesmaid H, who I've become friends with over the past 3 years (and she's now conveniently married to one of the groomsmen!), and bridesmaid A, who is my future sister in law.

So we'll be having uneven numbers, with 4 on Mr. Cola's side and 3 on mine. But it wasn't a big deal to me, so I moved on to making the fun little "will you be in our wedding party" cards!

I had ordered paper samples from Paper and More,
to find the perfect shade of lavender paper, as well as samples from LCI Paper for the perfect textured green card stock. Using these samples, I double sided printed two cards per sheet on the lavender 65lb card stock. I tried to use chocolate brown ink, but it turned out a dark purple when printed. I then cut the one sheet of green card stock into 7 strips, and glued them around the cards as thin belly bands, tying brown satin ribbon over the green for an extra pop of texture.

I did this all very on-the-fly, without actually sitting down and plotting out my exact measurements and steps before implementing. I won't be doing that for bigger projects, but as just a quick and small paper p
roject, I did pretty ok without a plan of action laid out.

Here is the final result, the wedding party invite with the belly ba
nd on:The invite with the belly band off:Invite open:(All pics taken by me)

The cost:
4 sheets of orchid paper - $2.00 ($0.50 for each sample)
7 A7 envelopes in orchid - $3.50
($0.50 for each sample)
1 sheet of green card stock - $1.00 (sample price)
About 6.5 feet of ribbon - $1.99 (3 yards for $1.99)
= ~$1.21 each + stamp

Not bad for making invites out of paper samples!

Did you have trouble picking who would be in your wedding party? And once you picked, did you send them a cute card?

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