Thursday, August 25, 2011

Post-Wedding Project: Displaying Our Guestbook Wishing Stones

Yesterday, when sharing the shadow boxes I made to display some of our wedding mementos, I mentioned that I'd had to dig through a bunch of boxes to find the mementos.

I wasn't kidding. Dig I did, and I thoroughly messed up the area outside the closet of my home office/craft room/guest bedroom.

(Why yes, that IS my wedding dress, still hanging in the closet, untouched and not yet cleaned or sold!)

I'm still holding onto a LOT of our wedding stuff, over a year later. Paper lanterns, photobooth props, framed signage, more leftover paper than I know what to do with, and these:

The wishing stones our guests signed at our wedding!

Ages ago, I wrote a post about our wishing stone guestbook. Basically, we were looking for something fun and non-traditional for our guestbook, and so we asked our guests to sign a wishing stone, and leave us with their "words of wit, wisdom, or well wishes."

It was a big hit, and everyone enjoyed leaving us a little message at our guestbook table at our wedding.

(Above four photos by Shoot Me Now Photography)

And now that I found our signed wishing stones again, I decided to finally follow through with my plans for displaying them in our home.

I found this old vase in storage that would be perfect:

(Please excuse the mess on my craft table. It's a big improvement over the days when I'd cover our coffee table with craft supplies though--these days I have my own room I can make messes in, and it doesn't get in Mr. Cola's way!)

I went through all of our wishing stones, and separated out the, uh, more interesting stones.

Then I started layering the "good" stones around the outside of my vase, saving the interesting stones for filler in the center of the vase, where they wouldn't be visible.

I filled the vase almost all the way to the top this way. Here you can see some of the sweet messages people left us, which I made sure were facing out so we could read them through the glass.

Next, I carefully fished out the top few center stones that were holding the rocks up against the sides of the vase, and quickly inserted some decorative dried greenery to fill the space.

I spread out the stems, and then tucked a few more rocks in the top to hold everything in place, and I was done. One guestbook-displaying home accent all ready to go!

Now it's living in the corner of our entry foyer in our house. Another little reminder of our wedding day that makes me smile every time I walk up or down our stairs!

Will you be having a more traditional or non-traditional guestbook? And do you have plans to display your guestbook after your wedding?


  1. I love the way you decided to display them! We did a framed photo mat guest book, and it's hanging in our bedroom now. I love to read everyone's messages!

  2. Thats really a great idea. I love the feel it gives in your entryway, I need to try something like that.

  3. Awesome ideas. Really loved the way you put together the pictures -