Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Fond Farewell

Well, the time has finally come.

Time to say goodbye to you all. Well, not really goodbye, since I’m sure I’ll pop back in every once in a while. But my time regularly posting about my wedding on this blog has sadly drawn to an end.

To all of my readers, I want to thank you for everything.

For laughing with me over my peeing in a wedding dress illustrations. For coming to my rescue with suggestions when we were lied to by a vendor. For writing nice things about my husband's hard work on our luminary escort cards, giving him a little feel of the wonderful community that us bloggers have formed. For making me feel better about my disappointing post wedding chop. For reading any of my many tutorials, that I so enjoyed putting together for you all. And for following my detailed wedding recaps (all 37 of them!), and allowing me to share how all the little details came together on our big day.

For all of your support, your encouraging comments when I was in doubt, and your alternate suggestions when I needed them, I thank you. Without you, our wedding wouldn’t have been what it was--one of the most special, fondly remembered days of our life so far. I wrote here for about a year an a half, sharing every detail of our wedding planning journey, which wasn't always easy, but without the support, kind words, and excited sharing of similar stories and situations in the comments from you all, I would have had no reason to write.

I truly hope that I've been able to help at least a few of you with your own wedding planning journey, and I've organized my online Wiki with links to most of my archives, if you
are ever looking for a quick reference.

It’s been a quick 7+ months since I married my best friend last June in a redwood-lined meadow overlooking the San Francisco bay. I had no idea how quickly time would pass after our wedding, but it did! And things won’t be slowing down for us anytime soon, we’ve got lots of upcoming travel plans, I’m working on making some items to open an etsy shop (which I hope to have ready by our one year anniversary), I’m trying to learn how to cook, we’re in the middle of de-cluttering our lives, and I’m dreaming up new projects for our house. You can read about it all over at my newlywed blog, The Handcrafted Life, if you like. I'm doing a gift card giveaway through Thursday night, so check it out!

Farewell, for now.

With lots of love,



  1. Thanks for all of the support and inspiration you've shared in this fabulous blog! It's not goodbye, though, since I'm of course following you @ Handcrafted Life. :)

  2. Noooo, I can't believe your recaps are over!!! I'm so glad you decided to keep blogging, though. And thanks so much for staying on top of your recaps :)

  3. oh wow! i wish you the very best - keep in touch!

  4. Aww will you not blog here anymore? You always had such great tutorials and I'm sure your Etsy shop would have such creative, lovely items!