Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Woodside Wedding: After Party Awesomeness!

Once we arrived back at the hotel after sneaking out of our reception, we had to rush, since we only had a half hour head start on our guests! Mr. Cola helped unlace my dress, we changed, emptied both of the ice machines on our floor, and scrambled to clean up the bridal suite for our after party.

Luckily one of my bridesmaids was texting me with updates as to how close the charter bus with everyone was, so by the time they arrived, Mr. Cola and I were ready to continue the party!

Our after party outfits were so typical of us--I was all dressed up in a nice dress and he was wearing a tuxedo t-shirt (which I bought for him, and he was very excited about) and shorts. I was even wearing 4 inch heels, while he went barefoot for most of the evening!
(I'd meant to shorten this dress to above my knees, but ran out of time. Oh well, after enjoying our open bar all night, I doubt anyone noticed it was too long!)

One of my friends, who owns his own bar and restaurant, started mixing drinks for everyone, and we got down to partying.
(We had a counter full of liquor and mixers, plus several buckets on the floor full of beer and ice. I still can't believe how many half gallons of booze we emptied that night!)

Early in the evening Mr. Cola broke out his "beer robot." It's actually just a remote controlled cooler that I got him for his birthday last year. But it was a hit....until the batteries ran out after about a minute of beer delivering action!

Then our late night snack of pizza, wings and bread sticks was delivered, and enjoyed by all.
(I took this last photo from the second story of our suite, oh, 10 minutes after the pizza was delivered. It sure didn't last long!)

And of course, after being fortified with some greasy pizza, some shots were in order with our wedding party!

We spent the rest of the night just hanging out with our friends, drinking, reminiscing, and just enjoying getting to hang out with a lot of people we love, but don't get to see very often. These photos pretty much sum up the rest of our after party!
(I totally love that my bridesmaids put back on their "getting ready" purple hoodies I'd decorated for them!)

(Showing off our new bling.)

(My sister swiped some of the mustaches from our fauxtobooth). And yes, it was so hot with all the drinking people in our suite that we turned the temperature down to 63 degrees so the AC would blast!)

(One of my favorite photos from our after party, since my sis and I never got a chance to pose together in our fauxtobooth.)

At around 2:30 in the morning it was time to call it a night, which I'm sure our neighbors in the hotel appreciated. Everyone trickled back to their own rooms (some, I suspect, continued partying for a while), and Mr. Cola and I could finally retire upstairs in our suite and rest our feet. And spend a good 45 minutes trying to untangle my hair and get all the bobby pins out (over 50 of them!).

This picture was taken towards the end of our after party, you can see that my curls were still going strong. What you can't see is that the under-layer of my hair was a giant tangled mat. I was SO tired, but couldn't go to bed that night until all the tangles were out!

Are you planning to continue your wedding night with an after party? I highly recommend it--it was the only time all evening that we got to spend with some of our closest friends!

Next up, my final wedding event recap (so sad!), our Sunday luncheon.

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(All photos in this post are personal, taken on either my camera or Bridesmaid H's camera)


  1. How awesome! I wish could have had an after party, but we were leaving the next morning at 6 a.m. to go to Hawaii. That tuxedo shirt is too funny!

  2. You look HOT in that dress! Your after party looked like so much fun! I wish we could have done this but its too bad I was ready to leave our reception at 11:45 and hit the hay!

  3. So much fun! I can't believe your recaps are ending . . . it's like the end of an era :( I love the tuxedo shirt, and I'm with you on the bobby pins - I had about a million holding my hairpiece in, and there was no way I was going to bed with it stuck in my hair!