Monday, August 9, 2010

Just Days Before 'I Do': Girls Night Out/Guys Night In

The Wednesday afternoon before our wedding, after leaving the freshly purchased wedding flowers prep to my family, Mr. Cola and I, along with three members of our wedding party grabbed lunch, and then loaded all of this into our Uhaul truck and the trunks of our two cars.

At this point I was beginning to feel like a zombie again, since I’d only had about 8 total hours of sleep in the past 72 hours, so I went and tried to take a nap, while the guys went to the store to stock up on drinks for that night. They were going to hang out at our house and play pool, while my BM Heather had a night out planned for the two of us.

This is what was already going on when I woke up from my short nap. They'd apparently gotten an early start!

We ordered take out for dinner, and then my BM and I got dressed for going out. She had arranged for a town car to drive us around for the night!

After stopping at an ATM, and backtracking to my house to get my driver’s license (duh, fancy bars actually check these things, unlike my usual dive bar haunts), we sampled some of the wine our driver had provided.

We hit one bar in downtown San Jose, two on Santana Row, and then one up in Palo Alto, over the course of about 5 hours. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves!

(Our driver bought us roses between one of our stops.)

It was a great night of yummy drinks and lots of girlie fun! Until, that is, on our drive home, about ten minutes from my house.…let’s just say, my BM decided she didn’t like her drinks anymore, and I sacrificed my sweater. And her purse ended up having to be thrown in the garbage the next morning. Ah, good times! :)

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(unless otherwise noted, all pictures in this post are personal photos, taken by myself or our wedding party)


  1. Love that huge brandy snifter! And every girls' night out has to have at least one casualty . . . sounds like a great time :)

  2. Hahahaa....ew....did she barf in the purse?

  3. You look so hot in these photos and I am absolutely loving the look of those drinks! Good times.

  4. It looks like you guys had a great time!
    I am feeling all headachey just looking at those 40's.

  5. Sounds like a fab night; so nice to have a car to take you everywhere!

    Loving the cocktails!